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A Creative Odyssey: Heart-Warming Book Puts Spotlight on the Little-Known Story of Unique Artist's Life-Altering Friendship

Written by Richard Rotelli, this biography of Floyd “Tex” Walser is the stirring account of the young artist’s life, from his debilitating injury, to his bout with polio and how his story changed upon meeting the author’s father – an inventor with an open and generous heart.


Boulder Cit, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2014 -- Capturing not only a life, but also an era, ‘A Creative Odyssey’ by Richard Rotelli is the inspiring and engaging story of an artist who struggled back from adversity, and his friendship with the man who would change his life irrevocably.

Set during the roaring Twenties, ‘A Creative Odyssey’ traces the journey of a man called Floyd “Tex” Walser, who grew up as a healthy cowboy, but in his early twenties was struck down by a devastating injury that paralyzed him completely. As he slowly regained some movement, Walser was further disabled by polio and remained confined to his “special chair”, unable to use his legs or move about his room freely.

It was a move to Framingham in 1923 that would alter the course of Walser’s life. Invited to live with the internationally famous musician, Madame Edith Noyes Greene and her husband Roy, Walser began to nurture his artistic talent, learning to work with every art medium from pencils, pens and charcoal to watercolors, pastels, oils and even etching. When the Greenes became unable to care for him, Walser moved into the basement of the lakeside house next door – a home owned and built by Richie Rotelli, Richard Rotelli’s father.

It was a friendship that would give Walser the freedom he so craved. Richie Rotelli designed and built a motorized chair for Walser, which enabled him to move about quickly. Soon, Walser was fishing on the lake (using the flat-bottomed boat that Richie built for him) and watching the sunrise. He had truly found his independence.

“This book isn’t about celebrities, or politicians – it’s about real people, who overcame real challenges,” says Rotelli, who used his own memories to infuse the book with its vibrant details. “My father exemplified the idea of a good person who cared about his neighbors and used his own abilities to help others. Tex was an inspiration – he could have given up on life, and instead, he met it head on with gusto and passion. It’s a lesson to all of us.”


In 1909 the life of Floyd Walser was forever changed. As a 21 year-old cowboy, he suffered devastating injuries when he was thrown from his horse. While recovering from that crippling accident, polio robbed him of the use of his legs, left arm and hand. With incredible courage and determination he overcame his handicap and became a superbly talented artist. In his later years, his life was again altered, this time much for the better, when Richie entered his world. Floyd’s mobility and level of independence reached new heights when Richie designed and built a special motorized wheelchair for him.

A Creative Odyssey is an inspiring true story of two unique men; one with a strong determination to foster his talent for art and to make his own way in the world, in spite of being paralyzed, with only the use of his right arm; the other, a gifted and inventive self-taught designer/builder. It is an uplifting story that touches the heart at many levels.

Since it’s publication, the book has attracted attention from readers who felt touched by the story of compassion, kindness and friendship.

“Dick Rotelli has a down-to-earth style of writing that effortlessly conveys the intended message of his story; a message of courage, human kindness, generosity, caring and of course, family pride. This is a must read for anyone who needs a little inspiration now and then,” wrote Joe Scole.

“This is an amazing story and Richard has presented a truly splendid accounting. Take the time to read it; it is well worth the effort. I also think it has all the ingredients for a splendid screenplay,” says Frank K. Porter Jr.

Saying, “This book has made my Top 10 List!” Peter Barbella adds: “Once in a while a book comes along which has the power to alter your life; make it more fulfilled. This is just such a book. The author has a writing style which makes you feel like you are living in the story; and what a story this is. A Creative Odyssey is a whirlwind of dogged determination in synergism with staggering human compassion. You cannot come away from this book without feeling envious of the people who lived the story.”

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About Richard L. Rotelli
Richard L. Rotelli, a Framingham, MA native, has always had a flair for storytelling. Even as a youngster, he would entertain family and friends with his original tales. But he was in a unique position to document the life and times of Floyd Niles Walser as well as his own father’s extraordinary inventiveness, in the book A Creative Odyssey. This work is his first published book and is partially the result of the memories he has of the times when Floyd lived in his home in the late ‘40s and ‘50s, as well as recollections of his father’s unique skills.

The book took three years to write, with much of that time spent researching background material, especially for the early 20th century times and places. It was surprising that in spite of knowing “Tex” (as Floyd was sometimes called) for more than a decade, there was so much more to learn of his early years.

Mr. Rotelli is a 1952 graduate of Framingham High School and went on to earn a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1956.

He is retired from 38 years in the engineering profession, where his skills as a writer were often put to good use. He and his wife, Pat, have four children, seven grandchildren and five step-grandchildren.