A Crowdfunding Campaign Has Been Launched to Help a Four Old Girl Receive Medical Care

This campaign gives a little girl the chance to heal her damaged brain and live the normal and happy life that every child deserves to have.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2015 -- The parents of a four-year-old girl called Aalaeya started a crowdfunding campaign to help their little princess live a normal life. The only available medical help for her condition is located in the US, so they are pleading for donors to come forward and support their crowdfunding campaign.

It is every parent's nightmare when their child is sick and requires urgent help, but unlike many parents, the family of Aalaeva does not have the funds to help make her better. They have launched the campaign to help gather the funds needed for initial and ongoing treatment that has proved to be successful for children with Aalaeya condition.

Aalaeya was short of oxygen for a few minutes during her birth, which caused severe damages to her brain and genes. She wasn't able to hold her head up, to roll over or sit down as normal babies do and her first episode of sever uncontrollable tremors all over her body started at the age of only 10 months and lasted for long hours.

After multiple tests being made, the doctors excluded epilepsy, Ataxia Telangectasia, a genetic disorder affecting brain and some other serious diseases and ran out of options. Aalaeya was included in a study that examines all her genes for abnormalities, but the results may come after years.

The parents, who have three more girls, used all their savings for Aalaeya's genetic and neurological abnormality therapy, speech therapy, and extra physio, in different countries that gave some good results. The 4-year old girl started to move, speak sentences of 2 words and learned some colors.

The parents came across the US based Family Hope Centre that helps kids with physical and learning disabilities reach their full potential. The treatment is ongoing and lasts for years, giving the damaged brain a chance to heal and reorder. Many parents left great feedback about the progress in their children after starting this therapy, so Aalaeya's parents want to give her chance to live a normal life too. They don't have the funds, so they plead anyone who can help them to support their little precious fighter.

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Aalaeva crowdfunding campaign hopes to raise £100k