Rochester Culinary at Vella

A Culinary Center by Any Other Name


Rochester, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2013 -- The Culinary Center at Vella is now Rochester Culinary at Vella.

What's in a name? According to co-owner Frank Vella JR "People were getting confused. I've been asked if we were the culinary center in Canandaigua so many times that we realized a change was needed. By incorporating Rochester into our name, it will eliminate that uncertainty and allow greater access to our classes. We offer something truly unique and we want as many people as possible to be able to take advantage of it."

When asked what makes Rochester Culinary at Vella different, Frank said: "First of all, we work with some of the very best chefs in town. Thanks to Cecelia Danahar, our events coordinator, and our very own Bridgette Pendleton, a great chef in her own right and our culinary manager, the most talented chefs in surrounding area welcome the opportunity to share their knowledge here at our facility. Also, these are hands on classes not demos, you get to actually cook with the chefs. Our classes are small, so you get to interact with the chef and all of the other participants in a comfortable, intimate environment. Try that in a class with 40 people, it just isn't the same. Finally, we have a great facility located within our Living Showroom. It features state of the art technology, it's spacious... yet quaint, and it's just a great space that everyone seems to love."

The fall schedule will be up on the Rochester Culinary at Vella website ( Tuesday, August 6 where you can see what classes are coming up and the chefs that will be working their magic to bring your experience to life.

Rochester Culinary at Vella is located at 237 Pittsford-Palmyra Road. To find out more you can visit their website:, or give them a call: 585-421-9362.