A Cult Venue, a New Band and a Living Legend Come Together for a Great Night of Music and Entertainment


Leicester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- This 40-something music lover from the North West of England has been to many gigs in Manchester over the years; seen bands big and small at venues across the city from the Manchester Academy to The Band on The Wall. However, it is just down the road from the latter that a pub seems to be making a name for itself as a much loved venue on the scene.

This venue is known as the 'Black Room' and it is situated on the first floor of the Ducie Bridge public house on Corporation Street in Manchester. So when an advert popped up online that Manchester up-and-comers Alias Kid were going to be joined by the legendary Alan McGee it was obviously high-time to check the place out.

Upstairs in the Ducie Bridge and a little bit prior to the evening kicking off, a duo called "The All" were performing a song for their sound check (more on that later). First impressions of the venue were good; a real rock and roll vibe in the room and the sound in there was being very well managed by the engineer during this part of the check. It was time for a drink and to get ready for the evening.

Upon going upstairs for the second time, the room was filling up and the first act, The Incredible Magpie Band, were about to kick off the evening. Alan McGee himself was at the back of the room. The band played a very enjoyable set and the songs were both well performed and melodic. All in all the night had gotten off to a good start.

The main support act "The All" actually had (sorry for this) "it all to do"; they being a duo having to hold the attention of a room full of rock and roll lovers. The fact that they did so and with such well judged and melodic harmonies is testament to their skill in song writing and performance.

The headlining event of the evening was a set from the well tipped newcomers Alias Kid. Their performance tonight could easily fill a review ten times over; but it will be kept brief to ensure this passes for publication. The performance was, simply put, quite breathtaking. It is still a struggle to identify the particular element that made it so great. The songs are certainly very well written, catchy and performed with style; but even so it was surprising to see so many people singing along with a relatively unknown band.

The other elements Alias Kid brought were an energy, good humour and a genuine passion. They have two lead singers or 'front-men' in Sean and Maz. Sean stands testifying to the crowd to great effect and Maz makes dry, ruthless (and sometimes below the radar) jokes. They often poked fun at each other on stage and all in all their performance went down exceptionally well.

The fact that Maz ended up playing his guitar amidst the crowd while Sean played his guitar on stage with an invading mass of fans would normally provide the headlines. For Alias Kid though it seemed like it was just "to be expected"; and this is possibly a good metaphor for how this band could well be breaking down barriers in 2014.

Get down and check out the Ducie Bridge events; and keep an eye on these bands.

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