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A Day in a Tank Launches Online Booking of Tank Adventures

Tank driving offers the experience of a lifetime for anyone willing to give it a try


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2014 -- A Day In a Tank (ADayInATank.co.uk) proudly announces the launch of the United Kingdom's premier online destination for those wishing to purchase a real-life tank driving adventure. Specializing in the booking of tank driving adventures, A Day In a Tank ensures consumers obtain the best value along with the most exciting experience currently available in this field. "A Day In a Tank caters to individuals and group events and offers a range of tank driving experience days to meet the needs of all," Max Storey, spokesperson for the company, states.

Those participating in the adventure do so for a number of reasons. Some wish to claim bragging rights among their friends, while others wish to take control of a tank because they want to get the full experience of driving a vehicle of this size and style. "No matter why one wishes to take advantage of the services offered through A Day in a Tank, they are sure to enjoy the ride, and visitors love the fact they can choose from four fully-operational tanks, depending on what they wish to accomplish," Storey declares.

Before one gets behind the controls of the tank, he or she undergoes training to ensure they are able to get the full experience and understand how to manoeuvre the machine. Several choose to use the tank during a paintball game, others opt to participate in a tank battle, and certain people just want the chance to get behind the wheel of this amazing machine. As Storey explains, the company assists those who are unsure of which experience to choose, but, no matter which is selected, each guest is sure to have an unforgettable time, one they will remember fondly for years to come.

Paintball is fun when one is playing on their feet so imagine how exciting it would be in a tank. Many consider this to be a form of extreme paintballing, and users love the fact they have tons of metal between them and their competition. "One thing to remember when playing paintball this way is the competition has a tank also so the advantage one has is minimal. The fun of playing this way makes it worth one's while," Storey continues.

Those who choose not to play paintball still enjoy A Day in a Tank as the excitement of navigating a machine weighing 55 tons is one that people won't forget. Some want to use the tank to crush a car while others want to see various other things the tank can do. "Contact A Day in a Tank today to set up the adventure that best meets your needs. One is sure to be exactly what you want and need to make your life complete," Storey promises.

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A Day In a Tank remains the website of choice for individuals looking to purchase an extraordinary gift or ones who wish to treat themselves to an experience they'll remember for a lifetime. Users choose from four fully-operational tanks at one of three conveniently located sites across the UK and spend the day in this tank for the memory of a lifetime.