A Deal to Avert the Fiscal Cliff Is Virtually Assured, According to Penny Stock Professional Peter Leeds

As the fiscal cliff deadline at the end of the year looms ahead of our nation, the populace is growing more concerned. One analyst who suggests that a deal to avert the cliff is almost assured is Peter Leeds, expert in penny stock investing, and author of Invest in Penny Stock.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2012 -- Unless an agreement is made between Democrats and Republicans in Congress before the end of the year, America will run into what has been dubbed the fiscal cliff, a collecting of automatic spending cuts and taxation increases which will lower the Federal operating deficit, but could potentially send the nation into a recession.

Peter Leeds, the penny stock investing expert, public penny stock investing speaker, and author of "Investing in Penny Stock" [John Wiley & Sons], suggests that people not get too worried.

"The media needs to make this a bigger issue than it is, just like they did for the election by acting like the Republicans had a chance of winning," mentions Leeds, who correctly correctly called the election results over a year ahead of time, and explained why the outcome would play out exactly as it did.

"There are two sides to this situation, both of whom are very motivated to make this deal happen. The pain of failing to act for both parties will be much greater than not acting, and a compromise will be reached. The government has a history of pulling things out at the last minute. They like to keep it interesting."

Asked how this will impact his penny stock investing, and the analysis and picks for his world famous penny stock investing newsletter, Leeds states that, "all stocks, penny stock among them, will get a good boost as soon as the compromise is reached. As well, trillions in corporate money being hoarded by massive corporations who are watching for the outcome will find it's way back into the stock market and economy."

Leeds cautions that the final fiscal cliff agreement will just over-spend by less, as opposed to addressing the budget deficit.

Right now, Leeds explains that what you are seeing out of both parties is posturing, in hopes of getting a better deal. The main players will act tough, but at the end of the day they will do what is theoretically best for America.

"Remember, the sign of a successful negotiation is when both sides leave unhappy. I suspect that this negotiation will be another one of those."

Leeds mentions that there are plenty of fiscal cliff investing opportunities in large cap stock and penny stock. He suggests that many stock market investors are waiting on the sidelines, or getting scared away from investing, which results in plenty of undervalued penny stock investing opportunities.

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