A Death Displaced: A New Paranormal Mystery by Andrew Butcher

Debut author comes to the scene with a paranormal mystery full of suspense, intrigue and dashes of fantasy.


Northampton, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/01/2013 -- Paranormal romance, mystery and urban fantasy fans have been readers of Kelley Armstrong, Charlaine Harris and Jim Butcher. Even as a new author to the scene, Andrew Butcher may be the next Elizabeth Hunter with “A Death Displaced”, the first in the Lansin Island Series.

From the beginning, A Death Displaced grabs your attention. Readers are introduced to the first main character Nicolas Crystan. Nicolas lives a stunted life; the past hangs over him, and his relationships have broken down. He yearns for something more. But when a disturbing daydream of a woman falling to her death turns out to be a vision of the future, how does he handle it?

Readers are then introduced to the second main character Juliet Maystone, a wealthy, attractive and business-minded woman who is saved from death against all rules. She becomes displaced in this world, giving her an unexpected ability. There's more to life than she ever imagined before, but how ready is she to face up to this when all she wants to do is return to her normal day-to-day routine?

What happens when Nick and Juliet cross paths? Will their worlds change when Nick acts on his visions? How does Nick handle his past? Does he now have an opportunity to get the girl of his dreams even though all other relationships have broken down?

A Death Displaced is a continuous page turner, leading you down the path of what will happen next. Filled with mystery, suspense, romance and a healthy mix of mythology, it will not allow for a dull moment as the reader enters the world of the main characters. If you love fantasy, paranormal and mystery, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Andrew Butcher
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