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A new twist on parcel delivery, easy and cost effective


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2014 -- What are the top two concerns when it comes to choosing a professional delivery service? A) Cost of the service and B) Guarantee of parcel safety. While there are well established ground rules on how the delivery should be made especially when it comes to fragile items, these rules are more often than not bent than followed to the last word. And, for those who want to save on the cost of the delivery, have to compromise on the safety of the product being sent from point A to point B. To end this dilemma, has come up with a rather unique solution.

This solution suggests that regular people who don’t mind having their empty boot space occupied by an item that needs delivery take up the job and play the role of the delivery guy. The people making the delivery will share with both the parties full details of the delivery trip, the date and time of delivery and will also close the process by sending a picture of the parcel being safely handed over to the intended recipient.

This is an extremely convenient and effective way in which parcel delivery can be made without having to go through the hassle that is otherwise associated with professional doorstep delivery. The biggest benefit that comes from this proposition is the fact that the driver (who’d be making the trip anyway) gets to earn good money and the sender does not have to bear hefty professional delivery charges. This system is already in use in London and is soon to expand in a big way. To understand a bit more about how this works and get in touch with the company, log onto

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