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A Dialogue with Jesus: New Book "Interviews" Jesus, Channeling His Life-Saving Healing & Protective Energies - It's Scientifically Proven

‘A Dialogue with Jesus: Messages For Humanity’ is the work of Kevin Fitzgerald and Barbara Jean; creating a dialogue with Jesus to span His teachings before the birth of the Christian religion. But it’s so much more than a conversation. Through the forces of Applied Kinesiology, Magnetic Field testing and Kirlian Photography, the authors claim that their book can directly channel Jesus’ boundless healing and protective energies.


Santa Barbara, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2014 -- While thousands of Christian books are released each year, few, if any have the ability to directly channel Jesus Himself. A ground-breaking new book by Kevin Fitzgerald and Barbara Jean does just that, by opening up a world’s-first dialogue with Him.

‘A Dialogue with Jesus: Messages For Humanity’ conveys the pure world of the great master, while calling on many scientifically-proven forces to directly channel His soul-saving energies.

If you could ask Jesus anything, what would it be? We decided to create a dialogue with this great master of love to ask Him all of the questions that we had wondered for quite some time. These are the pure words of Jesus, the Divine man that existed in human form before the word Christian or any Religion was created out of the interpretation of his words. He speaks in candid truth on love, religion, and even his life. These words are not just words, they are filled with the fullness of Life itself. These writings contain the pure language of God, spoken through Jesus.

This is a book of knowledge and not of religion, but of the deepest transformation of Being. These words express the esoteric ways of Being translucent Light in form and contain a higher language for your soul.

“In the book Jesus states that the messages hold His healing and protective power,” explains Fitzgerald. “We tested this scientifically using scientifically using Applied Kinesiology, Magnetic Field testing and Kirlian Photography and managed to prove it, 100%! The results show a tremendous increase in a person’s heart electromagnetic field. According to Jesus, an expanded heart field opens a person to the Divine energies of Grace. Just holding the book does this!”

Continuing, “Readers will discover everything from creating Heaven on Earth and how to develop a lifelong Divine relationship through to how to live life as a Divine human being and even manifest their own Miracles! It’s amazing and there is literally nothing else like this ever released in history. God’s blessing will be bestowed upon all who embrace the power of this book, without fail.”

Since its release, the book has rapidly garnered a string of rave reviews. Johnny Pecayo comments, “By reading this book, you will be able to rediscover yourself and learn more about the importance of our journey in life. This book, authored by well-known entrepreneur, seasoned networker and spiritual leader Kevin Fitzgerald, is a must read.”

Healier Briana Alvarez adds, “If there was a gift that our divine creator could bestow upon us, it would be the living word of His love through this book. Every word resonates with truth and stirs the mind and soul in ways very few books can. I read a lot, and rarely recommend books, but this one is a must.”

Owen Yoshimora, who trains Olympic athletes, found the book to be literally life-changing. He writes, “Totally entranced by reading this book. Validation of Spiritual truths that one has either read or heard. Highly recommended for those seeking, or on, their Journey to narrowing their Path.”

‘A Dialogue with Jesus: Messages For Humanity’ is available now: http://amzn.to/110PGMv.
For more information, visit the book’s official website: http://www.puremessagesfromjesus.com.

About Kevin Fitzgerald
Kevin Fitzgerald was raised in a traditional Irish Catholic household. He experienced a spiritual epiphany in 2001 that opened him up to receiving guidance from Jesus directly. He is a businessman and father to two daughters. His first book is called The Contract, and is available on Amazon.