A Different Bathing Experience with Unique Ceramic Balls from Biocera

Biocera being one of the most sought after companies for environment-friendly products whether it is for air, water or antibacterial has made its users aware of the contaminants of normal tap water and the importance of using clean purified water through products like happy showerheads and ceramic balls.


Wonju, Korea -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2016 -- For a long and arduous working day it is necessary to take a shower that keeps the body energized and refreshed. People suffering from back ache or neck pain prefer to use shower heads that soothes the pain by forcing water into the pressure points. Among several bioceramic and health care products, Biocera's shower heads are one of the most prized products having numerous benefits. Their shower heads have the ability to purify chlorine rich water so that a healthy shower is ensured with no harmful effects of chemicals.

Biocera is known to be the leading producer of water-activating ceramic ball and also manufactures shower head filter which is quite cheaper as compared to similar other available products in the market. The installation of such products is also quite simple and takes only a few minutes to change the entire look of your bathroom shower. The interesting thing is that it does not require a mechanic to make such installation, only the previous shower head needs to be unscrewed and the new one popped in.

Out of the various options available for shower heads the Atozero shower head is the most preferred and it has the ability to remove any harmful chemicals from the water and provide adequate protection to the delicate cuticles and protein content in the hair. The softeners in the shower head enable effective detoxification of the water nourishing and hydrating the skin. The ceramic balls inside the shower filters release negative ions spreading a vibration to keep the user healthy and energetic.This not only ensures a healthier and happier life but also saves a lot of money through keeping severe diseases at bay.

About Biocera
Established in 1994, Biocera is the leading producer of water-activating ceramic balls and water medical devices. It takes part in international seminars and fairs to reach its global customers in a broader way. The products of Biocera are known to be durable and long lasting ensuring better service to its clients.To ensure a happy, healthy and wealthy future for the present and the future generation one has to look into the products of Biocera and install them in their houses without any delay.Dr. Jeon, Hyoung-Tag along with his employees has been working day and night to provide a healthier and happier future to mankind. It has also engaged in a number of corporate social responsibility programs while actively taking part in volunteer work.

Company info:
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Tel.: +82 31 628 0600
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