A Different Kind of Audio Book Released

A new form of audio book that uses multiple actors instead of a reader. Consider them modern-day radio dramas.


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2013 -- A typical audio book will hire one reader to read the entire book. But New Fiction takes the audio book to the next level. As the reader, one is basically not alone. In each audio book one will be joined by a dozen actors who bring the story to life. It’s kind of like the old radio shows from the past. The ones where the actor huddled around the microphone.

Take the audio book called “I Betcha” on the New Fiction website. http://newfiction.com/audio-book/ For that particular story, the producers used a variety of actors to get the true flavor that the author intended. I invite people to listen to the variety of voices including prep-ster, disgruntled, and rapper. It’s this additional color that allowed me to really enjoy the audio book.

Over the past six months, I listened to a number of tradition audio books. There’s definitely a dearth of free audio books out there. But I’m favoring the New Fiction approach. It’s a lot better than just hearing one voice for literally days. I would compare the voices in the audio book “I Betcha” to any traditional read. In particular the two thugs 5Karslong and The Assassin are excellent. I've never heard voices like that. I didn’t know whether to shutter or laugh.

The story line is a typical action audio book presented by New Fiction. What’s cool about every audio book is the wide variety of voices. Over the next couple years, I look forward to hearing more of these stories. I forgot to mention one particular point. All these audio book stories are free.

To check out one of these stories on New Fiction, please visit the site at http://newfiction.com . The particular story I checked out was “I Betcha” at http://newfiction.com/audio-book/ .