A Dirty Secret Every Parent Needs to Know - Bullies Don't Take Summer Breaks

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Jackson, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- At a time when bullies seem to get their fair share of fifteen minutes of fame on too many local newscasts, Linda Culbreth can tell your audience about how to keep their teens and even pre-teens safe as she releases her new e-book, Bullies + Teen Dating = Bullying. It has already made a best selling # 1 in at least one category on Amazon Kindle.

About Linda Culbreth
She is a # 1 best selling author in several categories, has spoken before thousands of students, and is a survivor of abuse. Her AVAILABILITY includes the Midwest, nationwide by arrangement, and via telephone.

Linda Culbreth (713-299-5830)
Jackson, Missouri