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A Electronic Cigarette CMO Reveals New Information on 10 of the Most Deadly Chemicals in Cigarettes and a Free Trial E-Cig Offer


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- Cigarette warnings have appeared on cigarette packages since 1966 and the newest set of warnings began appearing in Sept. 2012, providing graphic encouragement for switching to a electronic cigarette. Brian Green, CMO of A Electronic Cigarette , announced that the firm is offering a free Regal ecigarette starter kit and released new information for smokers on 10 of the most deadly chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.

“A Electronic Cigarette offers users a smoking alternative free of the deadly chemicals created by burning tobacco,” said Green. “We’re offering a free trial kit that allows smokers to experience for themselves the benefits of an electronic cigarette.”

Ecigarettes are revolutionizing the tobacco industry and changing the way individuals smoke. A Electronic Cigarette products feature a smoking option that’s tobacco free. The devices emit no smoke that’s inhaled or second hand smoke that’s exhaled, just a puff of nicotine mixed with water vapor. A Electronic Cigarettes are designed to imitate the sensation and enjoyment of a regular cigarette.

Traditional cigarettes create over 4,000 toxic chemicals and carcinogens when tobacco is burned, many of which are used in manufacturing processes and an extensive array of common items, from candle wax to batteries. Many are known cancer causing agents and Lindell offered the following information for smokers on chemicals and items in which they can be found.

- Acetone – nail polish remover
- Cadmium – batteries
- Ammonia – toilet cleaner
- Carbon monoxide – car exhaust
- Methanol – rocket fluid
- Methane – sewer gas
- Stearic acid – candle wax
- Butane – lighter fluid
- Acetic acid – vinegar
- Formaldehyde – embalming fluid

The new warning labels on cigarette packages provide mute testimony to the dangers of smoking. Mandated by Congress, the labels are designed to educate smokers about the results of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. The warnings provide graphic depictions of health hazards ranging from yellow and rotting teeth and pulmonary disease, to lung and bladder cancer.

The Regal free trial kit by A Electronic Cigarette is the leading online offer and comes in a stylish collector’s gift box appropriate for presentation to a loved one. The kit features the newest ecigarette technology, a durable storage case and rechargeable lithium battery, along with a USB and wall charger, five tobacco-flavored cartomizers and a lifetime warranty.

The free trial kit offered by A Electronic Cigarette provides smokers with an affordable alternative to costly tobacco cigarettes that contains none of the cancer causing agents of traditional smokes. The new information offered by Green on 10 of the most deadly substances in tobacco cigarettes allows individuals to make an educated decision about their choice of smoking options.

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