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A Family for Anca: Powerful New Children's Book Depicts Importance of Family

While simultaneously inspiring young readers to stand up and follow their dreams, Laqwacia Lakin’s new book is resonating with readers around the world.


Cummings, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2013 -- While many feel that some children’s literature displays undesirable role models, it’s refreshing to uncover life-changing authors who are working diligently to instill good character and traditional values in the younger generation. One such author is Laqwacia Lakin, who is doing her bit to positively influence young readers with her compelling new book.

‘A Family For Anca’ inspires children to appreciate family, learn to love those around them and always strive to do their best.


Anca prayed for a family every day. She believed with unwavering faith! At the end of her journey, her dream came true. If you believe and work hard, your dreams will too! This is a great book that shows the importance of believing in your dreams and helps introduce the importance of family.

No matter how it is created, a family is a bond that is formed through loyalty and love. In addition, there is great vocabulary that can be referenced in the glossary to help broaden our young readers’ minds!

As the author explains, Ms. Lakin hopes to demonstrate that while blood relation or adopted, every person in the family unit boasts an unshakable bond of unconditional love.

“No matter how it is created, a family is a bond that is formed through loyalty and love. My book teaches children about adoption and family; reminding them that one’s family doesn’t have to be direct blood relations. I wrote everything through personal experience and it really hit home for me,” says Ms. Lakin.

Continuing, “The story also empowers children to believe that they can follow their dreams and achieve anything they want to as long they work hard to get there. Apathy is a growing problem among today’s young children and I want to inspire the drive and passion within them to reach their personal best.”

Critics praise Ms. Lakin for the diligent efforts she has taken to change the lives of young readers. However, with so much success on her hands, Ms. Lakin refuses to lose sight of what is important.

“It’s all about building a strong generation for tomorrow. My well-rounded book also contains a handy vocabulary glossary that can be referenced to help broaden the minds of all young people. Tomorrow is literally only a day away and we have a duty and responsibility to give our young people the best possible chances,” she concludes.

With the book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copy as soon as possible.

‘A Family For Anca’ is available now: https://www.createspace.com/4014321

About the Author: Laqwacia Lakin
This book is written by Laqwacia Lakin. She is both a remarkable woman & devoted mother who is hard working and good natured. Family is of great importance to Ms. Lakin, as is evident in her children's poetry book, ‘A Family for Anca’.

She shows that near or far, family is more than blood, it is a bond of loyalty and devotion. Ms. Lakin hopes that with each book she can touch your heart and open our young readers' minds about being diligent, never losing faith and unconditional love!