A Few Important Things to Think About when a Painting a Kitchen

SureSwatch Shares Some Thoughts on Picking the Ideal Color Using Their Affordable and Easy-to-use Tool


Beachwood, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/30/2016 -- The kitchen is the hub of the household in many ways. It's where memories are made and delicious meals are eaten. Kitchens are a place for family members and even their friends as well to bond over the tastes, smells, and textures that are created. It goes without saying then, but there are a lot of things to think about when painting a kitchen. Who will be spending the most time in the kitchen? Dad? Mom? Both? Maybe the oldest brother who lives for cooking. If so, what's their favorite color? Or, what's something everyone in the family will like? Fortunately, SureSwatch has the perfect solution.

While no one can really say for sure what color will be amiable for everyone in the household, SureSwatch actually makes it possible! SureSwatch saves users time and money by allowing families to make the right choice that makes everyone happy.

SureSwatch's innovative product is simple and straightforward. Anyone who's undecided on how a color will look on their wall simply needs to paint that color onto a SureSwatch. The low-tack adhesive makes it easy to temporarily adhere the SureSwatch to the wall and then remove it just as easily. Choose as many colors as desired. From there one can wait, ponder and take a minute or an hour or a week to decide.

When it comes to a kitchen, some other considerations are: Is there a potential for food getting splattered on the walls while cooking or frying? What finish looks best? Does the kitchen have a bar, a dinner table, or a breakfast nook and what color would everyone like to look at during that part of the day (i.e., breakfast in the morning vs. dinner at night)? Another important thing to think about is mood. Color evokes emotion. What kind of tone is trying to be set? Something bright and cheery in the spirit of togetherness for a big family? Something on the more somber side for quiet romantic dining retreat from the outside world for a couple? Pick the mood that fits best and let SureSwatch take care of the rest.

"SureSwatch is the perfect tool for deciding colors in any part of the house," shared SureSwatch Co-Founder Jamie Peltz. "When it comes to kitchens, it's a room that everyone shares on a regular basis so ensuring all household members are happy with it is especially important!"

SureSwatch is available in a 9? x 12? sheet. SureSwatch solves the problem of color visualization without leaving a mess on the wall! Conveniently available at Home Depot stores, online or other hardware retailers. To learn more about where to buy, visit SureSwatch's website.

About SureSwatch
SureSwatch was developed by inventors Jamie Peltz and Robert Golownia to assist consumers with the daunting task of picking their paint colors. The process starts with the search. Consumers look through magazines and websites trying to find the look they want to recreate. From there, it's off to stores like The Home Depot to find the "500" paint swatches that will help them narrow their choice. Once everything's been narrowed down to a handful of colors, the final step to choosing the paint color is to paint color samples in the home itself. SureSwatch comes in and makes it easier to paint color samples since you paint the SureSwatch not the wall. Just paint the clear film with the paint color, peel the liner and stick the painted SureSwatch to the wall. It's like painting the wall, just better!

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