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A Film to Watch out Directed by Himesh Bhargo

Today many documentary movies are gaining popularity and most of them carry a special message with them.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2012 -- Today many documentary movies are gaining popularity and most of them carry a special message with them. The industry has seen numerous new aspiring actors and directors coming out with innovative ideas for their movies. The movies are in different niches and are getting recognized by many mainstream film personalities. One of those movies is “Jurisdiction” that has been made by Himesh Bhargo and promises to turn many heads. It is an independent film that is action packed and will be premiered at Admiral Theater. The movie is slated for a release in Bremerton at the Admiral Theater on 14th September.

The Film has won The Indie Fest in Las Vegas, and earned an Award of Merit from the recently completed Lucern (Switzerland) International Film Festival and has been given good reviews by critics. This thriller movie has a good cast and everyone is from Olympic college. This independent film made by Himesh Bhargo has been filmed entirely in Bremerton at the Kisap County. Himesh Bhargo himself studied at the Olympic college and also casts Bob McAllister who is a professor at the college. The film features the cast and crew selected among the recent graduates and current students from Olympic College.

The director Himesh Bhargo was a resident of Delhi and came to Olympic college to study. He was good in academics and received several awards. Himesh was selected to be the Vice President of Judicial Affairs in Olympic College. He remained in this position for two years and received many awards including the award for Outstanding Leadership. He went ahead and completed his course at Olympic college. After completing the course and getting a degree in Digital Arts Media Himesh started working. Currently he is working in his firm Hyper Effects. The firm is pretty new and is a Media / Marketing company. Himesh Bhargo was always close to media and this movie proves that.

In today’s world when new directors and actors are making their name this could prove to be a turning point in Himesh’s life. From start to the end the film is packed with action and adventure. Having a refreshing cast, the movie brings fresh blood in the world of film making. You cannot miss a single scene in the movie as it is filled with excitement from start till the end. Being an independent film and getting huge attention jurisdiction will surely make an impact. Its promos have been liked by everyone and the tickets are on sale. You can even buy tickets online and go to watch it at the Admiral theatre.

Himesh has also finished with another movie named A Beautiful Thing. The trailers for jurisdiction seem to be good and you can check it out at: on

They sure look to be appealing, promising a great launch.

About Himesh
Himesh completed his Digital Arts media degree from Olympic school and hails from Delhi. He owns a Media / Marketing firm named Hyper Effects. Himesh is a promising director.

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