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A Giant Step Towards Minimizing Paper Waste – Launches Document Archive Web Application


Montreal, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2018 -- Organizations are becoming more conscious of their impact on the environment and how they can do more to decrease the negative effects of the emissions and waste created by them. Many companies are choosing to reduce paper waste and adapt to paperless solution that are not only better for the environment but are also more efficient and reliable. is a newly launched document archive web application that is designed to target businesses looking to archive business forms or other related documents online.

With the launch of their new web application, will set a new precedent in online document archiving that is more accessible and thus making it easier for businesses of all sizes and individuals to adopt this technology, to store everything from personal documents to business forms and other related documents. For the ease of their clients, has introduced a "email to scan" method for convenient business forms storage. With a solution like businesses will be able to greatly reduce the cost of printing the data and then storing it, which also cost a lot of time, effort and space.

"We are proud to announce the launch of web application which makes document archiving available to everyone. Whether you need to store personal documents or archive business forms, you will benefit from a powerful and easy to use document archiving solution. Our solution is designed to encourage businesses to opt for paperless alternative that are better for the environment." - The spokesperson said regarding the launch of the new paperless solution.

Each year millions of trees are cut down around the world for the sake of paper production, this equates to billions of tons of paper produced that ends up in the landfills after being used. Paper production to it wastage is having a huge impact on the environment. With issues like deforestation, greater emissions, overcrowded landfills causing irreversible damage to our planet, the onus fall upon every citizen of the world to tackle these issues before it is too late. Fortunately, many people are starting to go paperless, although there is a long way to go.

To make DocScan's powerful and easy document archiving for affordable for everyone to adopt even the small businesses, pricing has been kept reasonably low.

About a premium scan to email solution to archive paper documents. The multi-platform app is powerful and easy to use with amazing features for uploading, organizing and protecting documents.

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