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A Global Hair Show Experience Salon Franchise Is Born


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2013 -- A good hairstyle does a lot of things for the image of a person, first of all it shows the person’s true identity and from this newfound identity springs forth that person’s personal sense of style, color, flavor and self-expression. A good hair style is not just limited to a haircut but also extends in to the world of hair color, the way the hair style is worn and carried.  The right hairstyle will not only be easy to maintain but it also needs to be trendy, young and creative. With the right hairstyle people feel a boost of confidence in their personality and their looks. Thus, good hairstylists are not just efficient at their jobs but they are rightfully great artists, imaginative creative people who are a part of an elite group amongst hairstylists. One such Hair Guru Extraordinaire is Lenny King, a man who is hailed as one of the best hair stylist in the industry. Lenny King is about to offer the world his Ultimate Hair Show Experience by franchising his Salon Zion brand in 225 countries. Through this initiative Lenny aims to make great hair a staple for everyone around the world, by sharing his wealth of knowledge, he will create an army of global professional hair stylists and salons that will spread his creativity and genius to other people in the world.

About Salon Zion
The Salon Zion opened its doors to the residents and customers in the Orlando Area on February 142006, this Hair Salon is a 4000 sq ft. facility that ushers in the birth of experimental beauty services including: massages, facials, manicures and pedicures and makeup and boasts the best hair color in the world. Salon Zion serves as a sanctuary for people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and want to spend some time away getting pampered and being taken care of by Salon Zion professionals. Now, Lenny King wants the rest of the world to also get the chance to experience his brand of quality by visiting Salon Zion in their own country and enjoy the talents and services offered by him and his award winning staff.

About Lenny King
Lenny has had over 20 years of experience in the hair fashion industry. Over the years he was worked with one of the biggest names of the television industry and has traveled all over USA and other parts of the world to not only provide his excellent services as a hair guru extraordinaire but also as a teacher and as a promoter of great hair and makeup.

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