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A Gold IRA Provides Protection from U.S. Debt and Inflation, Reports Personalincome.org


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- Personalincome.org, a website that offers helpful and in-depth information and resources about retirement, the precious metals IRA, 401k plans and much more, has just posted a new article that explains why a gold IRA can provide protection from U.S. debt and inflation.

The article, which is titled “Shocking Facts About Inflation and U.S. Debt That Will Affect Your Retirement,” paints a pretty grim picture about inflation and the country’s debt, and how both of these things may have a negative impact on traditional retirement plans.

For example, as the article explains, inflation will affect a person’s savings account. In some cases, the interest it is earning from the bank is lower than the current inflation rate, which means it is not earning anything. In addition, if the rate of inflation exceeds the rate at which wages are increasing, it will become harder for people to afford necessary goods and services.

While one may argue that inflation can help alleviate the enormous U.S. debt—because when inflation rates are high, the fixed debt will remain the same and be easier to pay down—the article points out that this is only a temporary solution to the debt crisis, and that inflation has a much more negative impact on people and their assets, including retirement savings. Many people are concerned that the high level of inflation may cause the government to start liquidating retirement savings, if they are in the form of paper or fiat currency.

“A recent survey released by Morning Star, reported that inflation is one of the top retirement risks,” the article on Personalincome.org noted, adding that in reality, people won’t be spending the same amount of money to pay for the same standard of living year after year.

“With inflation, one will need more money to support his or her standard of living in the future. This is why in retirement planning, aside from deciding how much you should save for it when the time comes; another crucial factor to consider is the inflation rate, which is being taken for granted by most people.”

While it is crucial to plan and invest for retirement, the article said it is also vital that people are both wise and selective when choosing investments, and select options that are inflation proof. One good investment option, the article said, is precious metals like gold and silver, which have been proven over time to be safe and high-yielding. A gold IRA rollover account, the article noted, is an outstanding option to a traditional annuity, 401k or Roth IRA.

Investing in gold as a way to safeguard one’s retirement savings against the perils of inflation is supported in other recent articles; for example, a story that appeared in Forbes gave a convincing argument about using gold as a hedge against inflation. In addition, an article on the ZeroHedge website brings up the troubling idea that if the United States is not careful with the way it handles the situation in Syria, it will lead to a massive economic price and will potentially have a devastating impact on the U.S. debt.

Anybody who would like to learn more about retirement options and related information may visit the Personalincome.org website at any time; there, they can read the newest article as well as sign up for a no-cost Gold IRA kit.

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