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A Golden Age to Write: Former News Editor Releases First Children's Book at 74 Years Old.

It isn’t every day that a 74-year-old man takes on the challenge of a new career. However, after a successful and busy forty-five years as a newspaper reporter and Editor, David Tish is doing exactly that by releasing ‘Madame Charmaine’ - an adventurous and inspiring new book for children.


Tieton, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2013 -- A few years ago, David Tish was the perfect picture of retirement with an acreage in Washington State big enough for his nine grandchildren to roam, a place to train his dogs, raise chickens and enjoy gardening in a tranquil environment. But the past was calling – as was his writing desk – and David Tish couldn’t ignore it. At 74 years of age, Tish picked up his pen and began to tell tales – unlocking treasures from his childhood in Nebraska and his own vivid imagination.

Today, Tish announces the release of ‘Madame Charmaine’, the first in a series of children’s books that fuses good, clean fun with realistic characters and enough mystery to keep adults interested too.


‘Madame Charmaine’ chronicles the adventure one summer of four close friends, three boys and a girl, all 12 years old, who discover a locked “treasure chest” half buried in the sandy shore of the Missouri River following a spring flood. As they play detective and try to find out who buried the chest and what its mysterious content means, they soon find out that they are playing a dangerous game and are nearly buried alive in a grave of their own digging.

The book, written by David Tish, is Part One of ‘The Sheldon Beasley Series’. Part Two, ‘Auntie Maim, Revenge of the Homophones’, is due out soon.

As the author explains, it’s virtually impossible for writers to separate themselves from their work.

“All writing is somewhat autobiographical. For example, the book is set in a small town in Nebraska that heavily resembles the setting of my own upbringing. The four protagonists are all composites of kids I grew up with – including myself,” says Tish.

Continuing, “The pancake-eating contest, for example, which is told in hilarious detail in the book, actually took place. So did the building of the raft that the three boys took out on the Missouri River. I speak to the heart of what kids are interested in – after all, every child wants to discover a lost treasure chest; just be careful what you do with it!”

With almost five decades in the country’s newsrooms, Tish is confident that he can write fiction that strongly relates to each reader.

“This is ‘fiction for real life’. There are no zombies or superheroes here. I spent many decades telling others’ real-life stories and I met thousands of people who needed to have their experiences unwound and written in a way that would resonate with newspaper readers. I’ve employed the same concept here – it’s a book of clean humor that all will enjoy.”

“Let your imagination be your guide,” he adds. “That’s the key.”

This novel forms part of the wider two-part ‘Sheldon Beasley Series’. With volume two in the works, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies of ‘Madame Charmaine’ as soon as possible.

‘Madame Charmaine’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1acwqfX.

About David Tish
David Tish is a retired journalist and an award-winning writer with four sons and nine grandchildren. He lives on an acreage near Tieton, WA, with his wife, Mary, and their four dogs.