A Great Rise from a Tragic Story

A new book by the award winning author Jenice Revers


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/24/2015 -- The author Jenice Revers released a new book, "Damn It, I'm Worthy: 7 Steps to Transform the Relationship with Yourself" – An empowering guide and a true life story meant to uplift the spirit of the reader. The book is promoted via ContentoNow and available at

Jenice Revers inspires women around the world to begin their journey to self-healing and love and to reclaim their worth in the face of life's many and sometimes overwhelming challenges. An empowerment specialist, speaker and author, her latest book, Damn It, I'm Worthy: 7 Steps to Transform the Relationship with Yourself showcases her energy and passion for our own self-worth, our individual journeys to healing and self-love.

With Damn It, I'm Worthy, Jenice shares her eventual triumph over childhood sexual abuse and significant loss. Honest and heartfelt, she shows how her trauma manifested itself as trouble in her later life, particularly in romantic relationships characterised by rage, control and manipulation. Through the pain from multiple marriages filled with heartbreak, separation and divorce, Jenice harnessed her own self-worth and began a journey to self-healing and love. Her heart wrenching and uplifting book shares the steps she found in her recovery and invites women to join her on their own journey to healing and unconditional self-love with an honest belief in her readers' worth and capability to overcome and grow.

About Jenice Revers
Jenice's passion for help and healing has led her to many roles, including teacher, counsellor, social worker, author, speaker and mentor. She has been a social worker and an independent advisor to the Family Courts in the United Kingdom. With a background working with children and families, Jenice has also appeared as Guest Lecturer with the National Youth Services in her native Jamaica. In March 2014, she was welcomed into the Jamaica Association of Social Workers (JASW) and has since been invited to participate in their month-long events in celebrate of Social Work Month 2014. Jenice was also interviewed on Jamaica's prominent radio station, Power 106 FM.

In addition to Damn It, I'm Worthy, she is the author of Immigrant Workers to the UK: A Personal Journey to Success. She has been featured in The Voice Newspaper (UK) and has appeared as a guest contributor to Migration Pulse Publication (UK). As a Jamaican immigrant to the United Kingdom herself, she shares her experience and engages persistently in dynamic discussions on immigration throughout the UK.

As someone who has herself successfully moved through sexual trauma to become a sexually empowered woman, Jenice passionately supports singles and couples in the development of their own sexual confidence and the empowerment of their sexual selves. She works with both men and women to develop a relationship with the sexual self and to empower their sexual identity, giving them the confidence to express, celebrate, and fully enjoy their sexual identity and find pleasurable satisfaction.

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