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A Guide for Styling Louis Vuitton Trainers from Designer UK Online Shopping


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2013 -- When it comes to good shoes, comfort is an important part of the equation. While many women are capable of ignoring comfort if a shoe looks glamorous enough, it's the sad reality that painful shoes are a bad investment no matter how good they look, if they hurt they're not going to get much wear. On the other hand, a pair of really comfortable sneakers are a godsend. If those sneakers are a fashionable designer pair from LV, then all the better. Here is a guide for styling Louis Vuitton trainers from Designer UK Online Shopping .

1. The wedge sneaker. This style has always been controversial, with some fashion gurus praising it to high heavens and others disparaging it as freakish at best. LV's take on the wedge sneaker is called the Kilimanjaro. It comes in black suede and is embellished with a couple of tassels on its laces. These shoes are a great way to give a lady's leg some length while cushioning the ball of her foot and giving a lot of support. The best way to wear them would be to keep the rest of the outfit simple, and pairing them with some black leggings and an oversized sweater or hoodie.

2. The low-cut sneaker. Low-cut trainers are staple pieces that every girl must have in her wardrobe. Louis Vuitton trainers in this category include the Lyrics sneaker, the Cosmopolite, and the Toucan. These shoes can be worn with pretty much anything casual, from jeans to shorts and mini dresses. These shoes give a very laid-back vibe and are perfect for days when a woman wants to be comfortable yet look effortlessly stylish at the same time. LV also makes a low cut sneaker in a more "organic" or hippie vein ┬ĘC the Ladybug, which features khaki material and some braided rope detail. These shoes would look very nice with a summery outfit, like a pair of linen shorts and a colourful cotton cropped top. Some braided leather bracelets would complete the look.

3. The high-cut sneaker. High-cut sneakers are making a comeback, offering a retro feel that reminds us of the flashy decade that was the 80's. However, LV high tops aren't vulgar or over-the-top at all. There is a funky pink-and-grey model from the Kanye West line, and there are also simpler designs from the regular collection. The Brea is a sleek, luxurious pair in dark brown featuring the LV monogram, while the Punchy is a white boot-type shoe with a gold logo and trim. These high-top sneakers are great worn with skinny jeans, with the hems tucked into the high tops. This look emphasizes the sexiness of the jeans, and when worn with a graphic tee or a vintage-inspired sweater, it is the epitome of cool.

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