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A Guide to the Better You - New Book by Dr. Larry Manley Prepares Readers to Receive Ultimate Bliss

Following a thirty five year addiction to drugs, the inspirational Dr. Larry Manley is now committed to helping others sustain happiness in their lives. In his latest book, Dr. Manley shares the three essential facets of joy that can make anyone stand tall, strong and proud.


Boiling Springs, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2012 -- Following his own joyous redemption, author Dr. Larry Manley is delighted to announce the launch of his new book, ‘Filling My Life with Joy/A Guide to the Better You’.

Detailing a proven channel to victory in life, the book recounts Manley’s thirty five year drug addiction and the fight to overcome his demons. When a radical cancer surgery caused his drug obsession to resurface, the ensuing havoc resulted in a personal battle to reclaim the joys that came through a regiment of ‘spiritual maintenance’ and true performance to win. In short, the book is a true story of incredible tragedy and triumph.

“I wrote the book to help people find their way back to their place of honor and respect; to be able to live a life a joy as God intended,” explains Dr. Manley, who is a noted pastor, business owner and author of three books.

He continues, “I discovered my own personal joy from an unseen force of Supreme Authority that convinced me to once again stand tall. That revelation compelled me to share these three things that can bring joy to anyone’s life. These facets are something that’s right for us to do, love and hope for. As ‘gardeners of our sole’, these powerful forces can cause our lives to bloom once again.”

Having experienced his own ‘dark knight of the soul’, Dr. Manley’s decisions and bad choices had permeated his mind and caused a downward spiral of misery and despair. Aware that a ‘way out’ of this wretched darkness was his only hope, his heartache spawned a voice inside that began to guide and instruct him on the ways of his wrong doings.

“This voice made me aware that the road back to wellness would be one of great commitment. I knew that this road was the only way back to sustained joy; an inspiration which has changed my life for the better,” he adds.

Following successful personal and spiritual rehabilitation, Dr. Manley is now sharing his guidance with the world. Helping people to conquer these three stages of their lives that everyone must contend with, his book is helping readers around the world answer life’s most important question – What is more important, having what you want or wanting what you have?

“Learn the difference and win,” concludes Dr. Manley. “Even when life is at its darkest, joy and fulfilment is there for those who want it.”

Filling My Life with Joy/A Guide to the Better You, published by WestBow Press, is available now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and WestBow Press directly.

To find out more information about the life and work of Dr. Larry Manley, please visit his official ministry website: http://www.thehouseofdestiny.org as well as his Facebook group.

About Dr. Larry Manley
Dr. Larry Manley is a Graduate of the Leadership Development Institute of Spartanburg, SC; holds a Doctorate of Divinity at Progressive Life Church; graduate of South Carolina Baptist Convention New Works Seminar; graduate of Granoff School of Music, Philadelphia, Pa. and asserted in business & finance. He served in the U.S. Navy and was Honorably Discharged in 1971. He was awarded the National Defense Award Medal for his military service.

Dr. Manley is currently the Executive Director & Senior Pastor of the House of Destiny International Ministries, counselor, teacher, minister, mentor, inspirational public speaker, and Published Author of the Majestic One, Jungle Within, and his latest book, “Filling My Life with Joy /A Guide to the Better You.”

Dr. Manley is available for interviews & speaking engagements. Full media press kit available upon request.

Book Trailer Interview: http://youtu.be/1gTE2W9U4Vc

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