"A Haddington Manifestation" Announced; Comedy Writing at Its Best Pays Homage to 50's Comedy Genre


Brisbane, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- Author RJ John Davin emerges with the release of A Haddington Manifestation, a humorous work of fiction set in England during the 1890’s, which will resonate with readers who enjoy comedy and a colourful cast.

Set in the English countryside of the 1890's in and around the estate of Lord Haddington, the story centres around the character of Lord Haddington who suffers from a terrible affliction of great clumsiness so much so that he is known in the area as ‘Lord Clumsy.’ Haddington has been seeking his long lost grandson and has two claimants as guests in his house. Haddington’s solicitor, Clarence, is convinced that the former is genuine while the latter is a complete fraud.

Packed full of conflict, comic drama, and a whirl wind of events, this book is a page turner.

In Lord Haddington and supporting cast, the author has crafted vibrant and rich characters with multi-dimensional qualities and emotions that move the action forward.

An excerpt from the book: “It can never equal the feel of that lovely body at your side first thing in the morning.” Smiled Haddington... "But to think the little devil should spend the day in the woods with my gardener, the heartless little hussy.”

RJ John Davin has written several humorous novels inspired by the British Ealing comedies of the 50’s: “I have an abiding passion for the British Ealing comedies of the 1950's, which had a strong influence on the writing of A Haddington Manifestation. I would hope that the reader would find my story humorous and it will give them a small escape from everyday life,” says RJ John Davin.

RJ John Davin lives in Sydney. He is interested in history and politics and has a love for the written word. He has been writing all his life. A Haddington Manifestation is his third book.

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