A Harmonious Union: Merging QuickBooks Files with E-Tech's File Merge Service Reveals a Side to the Coin That Shines Brighter Than the Rest


Brandon, MB -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2019 -- Before considering a file merge for QuickBooks files, one should ensure that the reports are easily readable and that the chart of accounts are as closely identical as they can possibly be.

It is important to note that accounts with the same name and type in each report can be combined. Also, take into consideration that accounts that cannot be combined if they are not at the same level, have spelling differences or different account numbers. Accounts are listed by type and within each type and are listed in the according to the first selected QuickBooks company file.

E-Tech's Technical Services manager, John Rocha, suggested identifying primary and secondary data files prior to the merge. "The merge process involves two steps: Merging lists and merging transactions and the difference between the two is that if the list name is present in the primary file, it will be merged, if not, the name will be added to the primary file, whereas all transactions from secondary files are transferred to the primary file."

There are three ways in which you can merge files: Using the Combined Reports feature in QuickBooks Enterprise is a built-in feature for merging files allowing you to combine reports from multiple company files. Secondly, third party software available from the Intuit Market place allow file merge with QuickBooks Desktop, and thirdly you have the option to manually export and combine files using Microsoft Excel – which can be quite a cumbersome process.

E-Tech offers an exclusive service that will merge all lists and transactions from two or more QuickBooks data files into a single QuickBooks data file. QuickBooks Online company files can be merged as well, but they need to be converted to QuickBooks Desktop format prior to the merge.

This industry-standard solution combines data from multiple company files into a single company file, with an audit performed after the merge to ensure that the transaction was performed accurately.This service works with all international versions of QuickBooks including the US, UK, Canadian, and Australian editions.

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