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A Healthy Diet Can Help Treat Rosacea Says London Clinic

Rosacea is a skin condition with causes sufferers to blush easily in it's early stages, later symptoms can include telangieotasia, rhinophyma and scaly skin. One London based clinic is seeing good results through diet changes and laser treatment.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2012 -- It is widely accepted among both professionals and sufferers that rosacea attacks or flare-ups can be caused or at least worsened by certain foods and beverages, these include alcohol, spicy foods and caffeine, so cutting these types of things out your diet could be a good start to getting your rosacea under control.

One London clinic say they are having success when their patients undergo a course of laser treatment coupled with diet changes, the clinic is named after one type of treatment called intense pulsed light (a service they offer).

Pulse Light Clinic say on their website “Over the past eight years here at the Pulse Light Clinic we have seen that following a rosacea diet has produced mixed results.

Most of our clients are City workers who are time pressured to say the least and have very little time to adhere to strict dietary demands. Consequently we have devoted considerable resources to supplementary research for rosacea and have worked closely with nutritionists to find the most applicable supplementation to be used in conjunction with IPL for the control of the condition.”

If you suffer from rosacea Pulse Light Clinic recommend you consider supplementing your diet with essential fatty acids like Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9. They say Hydrochloric acid deficiency could also play a role in worsening rosacea symptoms, it has been linked to a number of skin disorders since the 1920's.

You can see more on Pulse Light Clinic's rosacea and diet tips here. They have been successfully treating rosacea for 10 years and are based in central London. Contact them today and get your free initial rosacea treatment consultation.