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A Historical Approach to Homework Help

While it is very evident that the variety of educational offering online can be both gainful and incur losses of more than the monetary kind, the experts at ScholarAnswer offers a simple yet effective solution to this quandary. The article explains and outlines the various initiatives going on with a horde of online presentations and other learning tools for all domains from this educational service provider.


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2013 -- Homework and its purpose have been discussed with both its ups and downs across the centuries. This system of common education for all came into existence with the classical education system. The learning trinity of Latin, Rhetoric and Logic were the first three subjects taught to children on the mass education basis. Later almost every subject started to be converted into a curriculum so that everyone can learn it at the common average level of opportunity yet leaving room for each student’s personal development according to capability and efforts.

This system of education can be stated as the highest point in the evolution of learning methods since it made every subject available to every individual at a basic level. The modern schooling developments made during the 1900’s gave rise to the five subject curriculum at the school level making it a seven subject elective at thigh school. Colleges and universities were settling down for a three level educational model as well. That is English, Math, Science [including physics, chemistry and biology], Social Studies and Latin were taught in the United States and many developed European countries at the start of the twentieth century.

The college level programs had two divisions, namely engineering and commercial arts. The term commercial arts was created to include both the arts needed for commerce and trade such as management and the arts that an fetch commercial benefits such as Painting and Architecture. These systems were happening in the United States while the Continental schools were creating another pattern with the arts combines with studies that were not of direct commercial value such as economics, history and gender studies. These subjects are called humanities.

Later the division was made into four different sets combining both the occidental and continental methods of education as follows. The domains of fine arts and its allied learning was attributed to arts, the subjects studied for non commercial purposes were collected under humanities and the skills of commerce, trade and business became business studies and the technical skills retained their own domain in technical and engineering studies. Homework has been a continuous process in all these domains till date to ensure learning at home and self effort on the part of the students. The history of homework is as old as the history of education and has seen a new turn under the homework help services offered at

With the basic history of education thus being covered, the initiatives on homework help from ScholarAnswer are being spread out with different approaches for different subjects based on the learning needs of the students. Philosophy homework help initiative is turning out to be a set of interactive lectures while macroeconomics homework help tools are being made with a lot of exams and self assessment in mind. This is to ensure that every domain that the services are offered must be able to be specifically addressed the exact learning pattern and the difficulties faced by students. The aim is to cover every field possible from arts to taxation homework help disciplines with this same approach.

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