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A Home Mortgage Calculator That Is Accurate Is Now Available from Home-Mortgage-Calculator.com


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2013 -- Applying for home financing can be overwhelming and confusing. A new home mortgage calculator that is accurate is now available online at http://www.home-mortgage-calculator.com. The new calculator takes the guesswork out of applying for home financing by providing a one stop spot to investigate the mortgage process. Along with an easy to use mortgage calculator, the website includes tips and advice about home mortgages.

Before purchasing a home or refinancing a mortgage it is important to figure out the exact minimum and maximum amounts a home buyer can afford to pay every month. The easy and accurate calculator at home-mortgage-calculator.com factors in often unseen fees along with interest payments, allowing a buyer to make sound financial decisions based on scenarios that show monthly payments, amortizations schedules and the outcome of different financing options.

For those who want to refinance home mortgage, this tool helps buyers and home owners figure out the exact amount of money they will pay over the life of every single loan offer they receive from every bank they petition. “If you only think about what you can afford to spend in the short term you’re going to lose out on the long-term implications of various interest rates and accelerated payment plans,” an article on the Home Mortgage Calculator website explained.

“The mortgage interest calculator helps estimate costs based on your loan amount, down payment, interest rate, loan term and property tax.”

Home Mortgage Calculator stands behind its calculator’s accuracy by challenging buyers and homeowners looking to refinance to compare their free new service against other leading mortgage calculators, which have been known to generate inaccurate results due to their input parameters. After all, it is a free and simple service that does not require any personal information to use. Buyers can anonymously try several different financial scenarios to discover which home mortgage is the most affordable for them.

Home Mortgage Calculator’s goal is to provide buyers and homeowners with confidence and an arsenal of knowledge when they begin to shop around for a home mortgage. “When you have a few simple facts in your pocket and a basic understanding of how it all works, then you'll find the process much easier and you'll feel more confident about the decisions you make,” an article on the website noted.

About Home Mortgage Calculator
Home Mortgage Calculator provides a free and accurate calculation of home mortgage scenarios including property tax rate and extra payment scenarios. Their calculator shows a full amortization schedule detailing all the components to better help consumers in the home buying process. For more information visit http://www.home-mortgage-calculator.com