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A Hose Is the Solution for Summer Gardens: The Hosemaster Comments


Nelson, Lancashire -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2015 -- A recent article in The Daily Telegraph has highlighted the importance of hose irrigation of garden spaces in the summer, written by the BBC Gardeners World presenter Tony Buckland. The article itself emphasizes the importance of garden and outdoor upkeep in the summer months, especially for those people who have a garden containing live vegetation - whether grass or other plants. Dry weather and higher temperatures often result in people watering their gardens in abundance, in an attempt to avoid the spoiling of foliage.

However, Buckland draws attention to both the wastefulness and inefficient nature of just emptying water over the garden. A key tip he recommends is the consideration of using a hose as a multi-purpose tool and provides water in the right places, in the right way.

Garden hoses are ideal for irrigation use - strategically providing outdoor areas with necessary moisture. One innovative method recommended, incorporating a hose, is also known as the 'siphon'. It involves gravity and air pressure, placing the end of the pipe lower than the surface of the water to project water over extensive distances. This is just one example of many tips and tricks in terms of how hoses make gardening much easier.

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The Hosemaster is a prime example of a provider of hose, hydraulic equipment and garage supplies – aware that many of their client's appreciate the versatility of a good garden hose at this time of year. They are also frequent commentators on related news items, and had this to say.

"Tony Buckland's article shares some excellent points regarding how important a hose can be for garden use," A spokesperson said "In fact, many people are surprised at how much they take hoses for granted. People can not only use them in the garden, but also for cleaning the car or even their windows. That is why we offer a range of hose, and a number of fittings – so you can have a hose ready to adapt to your situation. Adapters and fittings allow for more components to be added or longer lengths to be reached – ideal for those big outdoor spaces too."

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