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A & J Glass Service Now Offering Residential Window Repair


Levittown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2014 -- With the freezing temperatures in the greater Philadelphia area, windows in the home are at extreme risk of becoming damaged when the weather is changing. Glass tends to expand at various rates when the temperature is constantly rising and falling. This produces stress on the window glass, and often results in cracks. To avoid spending a fortune on a new window replacement, A & J Glass Service is pleased to announce they are now offering residential window repair to their valued clientele.

As a renowned glass service company near Philadelphia, A & J Glass Service will push repairs over replacement, providing a free estimate on the spot. They strive to make their customers comfortable in their presence, establishing trust for complete customer satisfaction. When a window is cracked, the professionals will cut a piece of glass so it fits the allotted space. They measure the thickness of the glass, modifying it to fit inside the tightest of spaces. A glass repair is much more cost effective than a glass replacement, and A & J Glass offers realistic prices so customers know how much they are investing in the project.

Older homes in the Philadelphia area can find that their windows are starting to become foggy. This occurs when the seals between two glass structures on the window are broken, allowing air to condense between the two panes. It is important to contact a professional for glass repair in Philadelphia when homeowners are experiencing foggy windows, as the broken seal causes lost energy efficiency in the home. A repaired window in the home, whether cracked or foggy, can keep the air or heat inside the confines of the house, helping homeowners save energy and money.

The glass experts at A & J Glass will never turn away a job, no matter how big or how small. They work thoroughly and diligently to get the job completed in a timely manner, and always clean up the mess afterwards. For more information about their repair services, or to inquire about their free estimates, please call 215-945-0555 or visit their website today.

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Owner Operator, David Taggart has over 22 years of experience, servicing both residential and commercial properties for broken glass, custom glass, table tops, storefronts and much more. Being a mobile organization, A & J Glass provides immediate assistance to property owners looking for an estimate on their next project. Staffed with highly trained service technicians, they have what it takes to provide a professional experience with the highest quality of products on the market.

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