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A & J Glass Service Now Offering to Repair Residential Broken Windows


Levittown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2013 -- Accidents can happen at any time. Whether kids throw a baseball or a severe thunderstorm causes a tree to fall right on the window or sliding glass door, the window will be left with damage that needs to be repaired. These accidents can leave the window covered with cardboard and, in effect, disrupt the indoor air quality of the home. For windows that need repair or need to be replaced altogether, A & J Glass Service is pleased to offer their valued residential customers prompt window repairs to make them sturdy once again.

As a professional glass service company in Philadelphia, the glass can be custom made to ensure the thickness and weight of the window proves a quality match for the opening. They’ll install the proper materials for the job and the glass comes complete with a warranty that issues long life and a good value moving forward.

There are many times where glass is replaced with an inferior product, but the professionals at A & J Glass will communicate with the customers what needs to be installed and why that type of glass is right for the space. Whether it’s the thickness that needs to be cut, or safety glass that needs to be installed, it’s the glazier’s responsibility to know the type that needs to be inserted into the opening. A & J Glass Service, the prominent glass replacement company in Bucks County, will inform their customers of the advantages to their products and why other products will be sub-par for the project.

For the ultimate customer satisfaction, A & J Glass Service offers emergency services for broken windows or doors. To ensure the safety of the home, the emergency service will work thoroughly to have the windows repaired in as little time as possible. For a quality service that will repair broken glass with all the proper materials, call 215-945-0555 today.

About David Taggert:
Owner Operator, David Taggert has over 22 years of experience, servicing both residential and commercial properties for broken glass, custom glass, table tops, storefronts and much more. Being a mobile organization A & J Glass provides immediate assistance to property owners looking for an estimate on their next project. Staffed with highly trained service technicians, they have what it takes to provide a professional experience with the highest quality of products on the market.

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