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A Kitten Called Kitters: Vivid New Children's Book Series Unites Human & Animal Worlds Through Story

Conceived and written by Bob Guelfi, ‘The Kitten That Roared’ and ‘Kitters Finds a Friend’ follows the lovable Kitters as he chases his dreams with gusto. Packed with stunning illustrations and good morals, the series is resonating with young readers from coast to coast.


Novato, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2014 -- While many young people love intricate and complicated fantasy novels, simple stories boasting good character have remained a timeless favorite. This admirable genre is now growing even bigger thanks to a new series by California’s Bob Guelfi.

‘A Kitten Called Kitters’ currently has two published volumes – ‘The Kitten That Roared’ and ‘Kitters Finds a Friend’. Both books hark back to the traditional cultures of storytelling by gripping young readers with enchantment and uplifting subject matter.

‘The Kitten That Roared’ - Kitters proves that even a little kitten can be brave. Kitters is an adorable orange tabby who learns important life lessons through her daily experiences. Her dreams and natural curiosity draw her into adventures that always end in a valuable truth for you and I. Children and cat lovers of all ages will love this series with its vibrant illustrations and positive messages. "The Kitten That Roared" is the first story in the Kitters series. Today, Kitters learns how to be brave in spite of her small stature.

‘Kitters Finds a Friend’ - Kitters is an adorable orange tabby who learns important life lessons through her daily experiences. Her dreams and natural curiosity draw her into adventures that always end in a valuable truth for you and I. Children and cat lovers of all ages will love this series with it's vibrant pictures and positive messages. This volume is a sweet and simple story about Kitters finding a new friend. This new friend teaches Kitters about the diversity of life and the value of friendship.

The author believes there is great value in simple stories that set young minds soaring.

“Believe it or not, you don’t need violence or good vs. evil plots in order to captivate children. By its very tradition, the children’s story has always been simple and my series embraces this opportunity. Children will enjoy the stories immensely and then be left with plenty to think about afterwards,” says Guelfi, who collaborated with Rebecca Brooks-Guelfi to produce many pages of bold illustrations.

To date, feedback for the series has been nothing but positive.

“My Grandson loved this book, the beauty of e books is that they do not take up space ideal for when you are travelling with a small child,” says Kate Ellis, commenting on book one.

H. Gibbs was equally as impressed, adding, “My grandchildren LOVE this sweet story about a small kitten who dreams of being a big, brave tiger. While prowling around and playing at being a wild tiger, Kitters hears another kitten crying. It is during the unselfish act of protecting this kitten from a huge ferocious dog that Kitter's tiger-like courage finally shines through. The story is brought to life by the charming, colorful illustrations!”

Both books are available now: http://amzn.to/1fZdynD.

About Bob Guelfi
Born in 1947 in San Rafael, California. Raised in Fairfax, California in a house built by his father Umberto. During World War II, Umberto worked as a cabinet maker in San Francisco during the day and simultaneously at MarinShip in Sausalito building Liberty Ships at night. During this time, Bob's mom Rose worked at Carson Glove in San Rafael making gloves for bomber crews. Bob had an older sister, Vera and an aunt, Saida who would take care of him at home.

Bob attended Oak Manor grammar school, Central School and the San Rafael Military Academy. He played football and graduated from Sir Francis Drake High School in San Anselmo in 1966. Bob enlisted in the United States Army in Sept. 1966. After training in Washington and Georgia, he was sent overseas to Germany in the Military Police Corps. At that time he was responsible for the processing of Soviet Military Liaison missions from Communist Eastern Europe into the Western section. In 1968, he was transferred to a NATO base in Livorno, Italy where he was assigned to a CID unit as a Military Police Investigator and interpreter as he spoke fluent Italian. He was also the base Traffic Accident Investigator. Upon his Honorable Discharge in Aug. of 1969, Bob returned to San Rafael.

In Jan. 1970, he was hired by the Marin County Sheriff's Department as a Deputy Sheriff. He worked in the County Jail for a year, at which time he was transferred to the Patrol Division and stationed in Tiburon, California. He then was assigned to the West Marin area where three Deputies were responsible for a patrol area of over 425 sq. miles. During this time, he graduated from the Police Academy, Santa Rosa J.C. with a degree in Criminal Justice, obtained a California Dept. of Education Teachers Credential for vocational law enforcement courses at the college level. In 1977, while on duty performing a traffic stop in Woodacre, he was struck by a drunk driver in a truck. This caused a debilitating injury to his back and forcing an early disability retirement from the Sheriff's Office.

After a period of time, he went to work as a private investigator then put together an act as an Elvis Presley entertainer and performed in local venues; once performing on the Jerry Lewis Telethon. He also auditioned for a movie about Elvis's' life, but the film was never released. Bob had several other jobs and in 2001 he retired. Always looking for new ideas, one morning, he arose from bed and started writing about a cat which he actually owned. An orange tabby called "Kitters" which he had adopted from the Humane Society. According to him, the words/story just flowed and he could not write fast enough for his thoughts. A new career had just started for the Marin born native. Subsequent stories followed to be published at a later date.