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“Your Leadership Edge” – How to Master Management Skills for the Workforce with Today’s Modern Take on Employment


Vaughan, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/16/2017 -- Ravinder Tulsiani's "Your Leadership Edge: Mastering Management Skills for Today's Workforce" is a book written by a leader for the leaders. Not everyone is a born leader. There are many behavioral theories which believe that an individual can become a leader over a period of time but only if they involve in observation, teaching and learning. The set of skills acquired by a leader happens over a period of time and it is an ongoing process. They never fail to learn and never stop learning. Training, practice, experience and perception are some of the skills that they acquire during this learning process.

In today's organizational setups or business environments there is more need for leaders than managers. There are many executives who aspire to be managers and leaders but only a few of them are self-aware that they can become managers but not leaders. There are many instances when a person feels that he or she is great at relationship building but only to realize that the peers find them overbearing or insensitive. This is the time to make some real changes in order to convert into effective leaders. One can start by including fair witnessing or fair judgement; reflecting on one's own strengths, weaknesses, successes and mistakes; inviting feedback; and most importantly listening.

This book by Ravinder Tulsiani is a leadership training guide that is aimed for managers, executives and supervisors with different backgrounds, experiences and qualifications. The guide will help these individuals assess their own core competencies leaning towards leadership and identifying their strengths and weaknesses. The program also helps them find different ways to overcome any obstacles that stand in the way of them becoming effective leaders. The guide offers a series of activities and exercises which the participants can relate to their work and their position.

This leadership program can be very powerful when individuals are able to follow the instructions carefully. At the end of the program one can discover their leadership skills and put them in action thereby contributing to maximized job satisfaction and improvement of overall performance of the employees. "I really liked this book. It is a quick read, which was exactly what I was looking for. The author gives straight to the point the most important information about leadership principles. You learn the different type of leaderships and moreover how to use certain leadership skills and strategies. The strategies are easy to understand and easy to apply", says Rex Tabb. "This is a must have book for anyone in management or wanting to hone your skills in the workforce…" further adds Rex.

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About Ravinder Tulsiani
Ravinder Tulsiani is a Leadership Expert, #1 Bestselling Author, a Corporate Trainer, Transformational Leader, Educator, Business Developer and an Entrepreneur amongst many other skills. Ravinder is a strategic planner who aims at creating a cultural transformation in different business setups with special focus on workforce education and motivation for the purpose of achieving the core business objectives. Ravinder's professional career spans across several industries including banking and finance, mortgages and real estate, insurance and investments.

Ravinder has been instrumental in organizational development through cultural transformation and has written various e-books including Super Tactics of Time Management Experts, Develop Your Financial IQ and How to be a Public Speaker Superstar. Ravinder is now a Senior Learning Consultant at TRAINING EDGE. With over 13 years of experience in the area of training and development, Ravinder also appeared on major media outlets such as CNN, Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal.

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