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A-Lites.com to Provide Healthier Electronic Cigarettes to the UK Smoking and Vaping Marketplace


Durham, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2012 -- Electronic cigarette smoking is one of the great business success stories of the last decade. Once dismissed as a mere fad, this new and safer way to ingest nicotine has captured the attention of smokers. Electronic cigarettes are used as both an effective aid to smoking cessation and a healthier way to enjoy the experience of smoking.

One electronic cigarette website that is getting a lot of attention is A-Lites.com. This online e-cig retailer is fast building a reputation for market leading deals, great quality products and speedy delivery. They have gathered even more attention as a result of their new electronic cigarette technology.

A-Lite electronic cigarettes use an innovative sealed tank system, which prevents adulterants from getting into the vaporizer mechanism. The open system favored by competitors is vulnerable to particles from other parts of the e-cig leaking into the vapor. This can lead to vapor that is contaminated with lead solder, fiberglass, and other harmful chemicals. The A-Lite sealed tank system means safer electronic cigarettes.

A-Lites distribute their product in two ways: directly to consumer, and wholesale to pharmacies, newsagents and other “bricks and mortar” outlets. The extra revenue stream can be a vital profit lifeline for struggling businesses.

A-Lites sell a full range of electronic cigarette equipment. There are starter kits for anyone who wants to try e-cigs for the first time, as well as refills and replacement accessories for more experienced users. A-Lite electronic cigarettes currently come in two strengths and flavours, and the range is set to expand in the near future.

The A-Lites electronic cigarettes fall into two categories, rechargeable and disposables. Rechargeable e-cigs are a great option for a smoker who is trying to quit the habit, or someone who has a strong interest in switching to e-cigs. Disposables are much cheaper, and are perfect for those who wish to try out electronic cigarettes before committing to a larger purchase.

Mark Harburn, a spokesperson for A-Lites, said: “Our electronic cigarettes aren’t just several orders of magnitude safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes, they are possibly safer than rival electronic cigarettes too. We’ve developed an innovative sealed micro-tank system, which keeps the vapor that comes from A-Litespure and unadulterated. The “cartomizer” technology used by our competitors can potentially let foreign particles such as fiber glass and metals react with the vapor. It’s impossible to overstate the health risks when this happens. Smoking solder and fiber glass could be even more cancerogenic than traditional tobacco smoking. Our new technology eliminates that risk, giving our customers the world’s safest smoking experience.”

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A-Lites.com is an online retailer of electronic cigarettes, e-cig liquid refills, and other electronic cigarette accessories and equipment. They supply direct to the consumer and as a wholesaler.

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