A Local Winnipeg Private Foundation Sponsors a Life-Changing 3 Day Event for at-Risk Manitoba Students at the John G. Stewart School


Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2013 -- Students from the John G. Stewart School will receive 5 Choice School Programs delivered by Scott Gallagher President of Choice Centered Leadership and co-facilitator, Michael Mekhail, , thanks to, Executive Director of this local foundation wishing to remain anonymous.

Without these fine folks; none of this life altering work would be possible.

In the morning, the “Power of Choice Habit Mastery” keynote will be given to all students at the John G. Stewart School on September 10th, 2013 and will be delivered by creator and founder of Choice Centered leadership, Scott Gallagher, and co-facilitator, Michael Mekhail. Following the seminar, students who wish delve deeper into Habit Mastery, will then attend the Habit Master seminar and Q&A session, sponsored by HabitMaster.com.

Afterward, students will participate in the Team Leadership Habit Mastery Program on Wednesday. This is a full day intensive program, followed by 4 weeks of follow-up with Mr. Gallagher and Michael Mekhail, that helps students and the adult participant put into practice what they have learned about in the seminar.

Finally, on Thursday, students participating in the 4 week Team Leadership Habit Mastery Program will receive one-on-one personal training time with co-facilitator, Michael Mekhail, as well as our adult participant to help them create accountability structures to build lasting positive and productive habits over the course of the month.

Choice Centered leadership is a company that helps individuals and organizations create the Habits of Success. They deliver prevention and intervention programs that support youth, educators, and parents in breaking-free from a wide-ranging variety of unproductive habits. The Choice Centered Leadership program has been successfully implemented in 176 schools across Canada and has consistently generated incredible results.

To set up interviews with the program facilitators and/or get media passes/rules/interviews from Principal Kevin MacKay of John G Stewart for 9:45am Tuesday or 9:45am Wednesday, or set up a scheduled telephone or alternate timeframe interview; please contact:

Cindy Harris- Media Relations

Office: 416-657-7771,
40 Wickstead Way
Thornhill, Ontario
L3T 5E4