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A Lot of Women Are Shifting to Homemade Cosmetics, Are They Safe?

Entrepreneurs always seek to find ways to make money by selling their products either online or offline. Recently, entrepreneurs come with cosmetic products that are made at the comfort of their home and have become an online trend. Are these products safe?


Mesa, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- In an entrepreneur who is venturing on homemade cosmetics business point of view, homemade makeups brag a lot of benefits and are advantageous to consumers who have the desire and wish to come up with their own beauty regimen. Homemade cosmetics are highly customizable. One of the best advantages of making homemade cosmetics is that there’s consumers are rest assured that the ingredients are all natural. People who create their own products are in full control of the type, amount and quality of each ingredient that goes into the product.

“When I heard that somebody was actually mixing and matching and using all natural ingredients in their home setting, I thought that was fabulous,” said Marta Countess.

Countess tasked an at-home cosmetics manufacturer to formulate a makeup that won’t irritate her sensitive skin. She’s not alone, for a lot of women are shifting to these homemade cosmetics that are usually sold online.

Basically same safety measures for big companies apply to home entrepreneurs – cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson who has developed cosmetic products for top brands like Clinique, Estée Lauder, Revlon, Avon, and Lancôme advised that consumers should choose their makeup cosmetics carefully.

“In general the FDA is not inspecting these places unless there is a big or a large number of consumer complaints,” Robinson said. “All sorts of issues that could happen with buying homemade products, including allergic reactions, possible irritation.”

Homemade cosmetics manufacturer must take into consideration that even though their product is free from synthetics like sulfates and parabens, their products go rancid quicker as compared to the commercially made ones. These manufacturers should advise their customers that the product need to be properly stored and used quickly for they have very short shelf life. Failing to do so may result may result to spoiling and may cause infection when applied.

“There are all sorts of issues that could happen with buying homemade products, including allergic reactions, possible irritations. They also may not be preserved adequately in order to prevent bacteria growth and mold growth," Robinson added.

Kim Snyder, a homemade makeup manufacturer said she takes extensive precautions.

“If you are as sanitary as you can be, it makes a difference. If you’re just sitting on your kitchen table you slop it all together that’s a problem,” Snyder said.

Experts suggest that prior to purchasing homemade cosmetics, consumers should solicit for recommendations, ask sellers how they prepare their cosmetic products and as much as possible ask for a sample to test the product they are selling.

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