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A Love Letter to Your Soul: Debut Book Puts Focus on Expanding Consciousness for Inner Peace

Written by Maria Triano, ‘The Namaste Garden’ is a sweet message in a bottle for those who may be wrestling with their own lives and choices. Initially penned as a children’s book, Triano realized its relevance to the wider community after a showcase to family and friends. Eager to share her experience with Divine Love, Triano releases ‘The Namaste Garden’ as a reminder that the answers are within all of us, if we have the courage to look.


Analomink, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- Yoga Journal defines the meaning of ‘Namaste’ as a gesture that is “an acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another”. Nama means bow, as means I, and te means you. Therefore, Namaste literally means, "bow me you" or "I bow to you."

Yoga enthusiasts are very familiar and rooted in this practice, but to the average person, ‘Namaste’ may be a foreign concept.

With her debut book, ‘The Namaste Garden’, Maria Triano hopes to open hearts and minds to the power of this simple phrase, and to the altering experience of meditation, visualization, and imagination.

“The book is based on a real experience I had while meditating with a focus on my heart chakra,” says the author. “I was awe-inspired to find my whole life being cultivated and communicated through the window of the open heart. Spirit guided me to share this experience through ‘The Namaste Garden’ so that children, teens, and adults would have the opportunity to experience themselves in a whole new way, and could learn to love and trust themselves more. It helps to remind us that the child within us all knows the Truth.”


What if all you needed to do was close your eyes; take some peaceful, sweet, slow breaths; and put your focus on your all-knowing heart? Open to the world going on inside of you, one that is guiding you inward to a place you only dreamed was possible. The Namaste Garden opens a doorway for you to experience the inner landscape of unconditional love, where your Spirit lives in a constant state of ease, joy, and peace. It gently invites you to come home to your true self and to learn how our dreams are planted in the fertile soil of creation. It offers a wonderful exploration for children and adults to expand their consciousness and to create a nurturing relationship with their own spirits while cultivating trust and faith that life is happening exactly as planned ("planted"). The words, colors, illustrations, energy, and intention contained within this book seek to open your inner wisdom and send you straight to place of beauty, where you can clearly see and be present to a whole new way of experiencing life. Plant your dreams and watch them grow. As the author explains, writing this book was about more than her own experiences – her wish was to communicate with the world that people are born ‘whole’ and do not need fixing, as we are so often told.

“Everything thing we need is already within us. Life is happening from the inside out, not from the outside in,” says Triano. “Children grow up learning about life and how it works through mirroring, feeling, witnessing and sharing in the lives of adults, teachers, and people around them. I think all we need to do is give children unconditional love and nurturing guidance. They are born with their dreams inside of their hearts. We need to get out of the way and let them be who they are. It’s that simple, and that profound.”

Continuing: “My book gives people a way to find their way back to who they really are. It invites adults to come back home to themselves and reclaim themselves mind, body, and spirit.”

In the short time since its publication, the book has earned glowing reviews.

11:11 Talk Radio host, author and humanitarian Simran Singh had this to say about ‘The Namaste Garden’: “Maria Triano's delightful book is to be celebrated as her unique genius and expression, flowering in the massive landscape of collective consciousness. We all encompass a garden within, as she says. And, as her example illustrates, we are each a beautiful radiant blossom here to gift the world its light and brilliance, in a way that is to be seen, inhaled, and honored. As you do so, your own garden will be nourished and begin to harvest the seeds of unique genius that nourish and blossom in the fields of all those awaiting your magnificence of your Namaste garden. The Namaste Garden, even in its title, is symbolic of how I see life-Namaste, the divine reverence and recognition of all other 'beings' as the divine sacred oneness and the self in union, communion, and celebration. We are each a seed of birthing creative capacity in a full garden with other seeds of this full and vibrant potential ... and we are that garden in its fullness. As I wrote in Conversations with the Universe, the world is speaking to us, as us, all of the time. Why? To show us who we are ... all of who we are."

‘The Namaste Garden’ is available now from Balboa Press: http://www.balboapress.com

For more information, visit: http://facebook.com/thenamastegarden

About Maria Triano
Maria Triano is a Lightworker, Reiki Master, Certified Angel Card Reader ™, successful and passionate Dance/Yoga & Movement educator, instructor, choreographer, artist, and mentor who has been sharing her gifts with those she teaches for over 25 years. Maria's dance studio, PA Dance Network was located in East Stroudsburg for over 16 years where she had a very successful experience, training dance teachers & dancers of all ages, many who have gone on to have professional careers in dance. In the spring of 2012, the next part of her journey began to come to life, which called her to release the retail store space she had her studio in to build her own private movement and healing center with her husband, Mike Abate, in the heart of the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania