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A & M Publishing Releases the Hilarious New Book 'Dog Training the American Male' by L.A. Knight


West Palm Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2016 -- The new laugh-out-loud novel, "DOG TRAINING THE AMERICAN MALE" by L.A. Knight, has been described as Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In meets a funny Shades of Gray. The story centers around Dr. Nancy Beach, a relationship counselor who hosts a local radio show in South Florida called Love's a Beach. One problem: The relationship guru can't seem to make her own relationships work, sending her credibility and ratings into the toilet.

Nancy is set-up on a blind date with Jacob Cope, a Lehman Brothers casualty who lost his job and swagger and yearns to be a stand-up comedienne/ventriloquist. Jacob is a walking thesaurus of phobias and now he's dating a psych major... the two are either perfect for each other or the relationship is a ticking time bomb.

Their siblings don't care. Desperate to be rid of them, Jacob's brother (gynecologist Vinnie) and Nancy's lesbian sister (Lana) encourage the young couple to move in together. When the honeymoon stage abruptly ends, Lana convinces Jacob to buy her sister a little white foofie dog – a pet she enjoyed as an insecure child. Being a "typical man" Jacob doesn't listen and goes to the dog pound, returning home with Sam – a 120 pound German Shepherd.

Chaos ensues and Nancy flips out. But after hiring a dog trainer she has an epiphany – what if the dog trainer's techniques can be used to housebreak Jacob? That begins a wild, hilarious social experiment that every couple and dog owner can identify with.

About L.A. Knight
The book's BIO describes L.A. Knight as the first pup born to a litter of four. Managing to escape from several disobedient schools in Philadelphia and a failed mating with a Shih-tzu from New York, L.A. relocated to South Florida and quickly went in heat over a gorgeous poodle who was still nursing two pups from a prior breeding. The couple had produced two pups of their own when L.A. penned DOG TRAINING THE AMERICAN MALE.

In reality, L.A. Knight is the pseudonym for an established NY Times best-selling author of 16 thrillers who penned DTTAM as a means of dealing with the sorrow of his father's passing. The initials L.A. are his Dad's initials, the KNIGHT signifying his father's role in their family... a "knight in shining armor."

A & M Publishing,
ISBN: 978-1-943957-00-2
Mass Market paperback, audio, and ebook available.
October, 2016, PP 431, $9.99

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