A Manti Te'o Is Born Everyday in Cyberspace: The Book, Busted: Cyberstyle, Has Lessons from a Professed "Catfisher"


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/12/2013 -- Everyone watched with shock as the Manti T’eo story unraveled. How could it be that a top college football player could be duped in love? Having been involved for years with, what he thought was, the girl of his dreams, T’eo was in fact a victim of “catfishing.” That “girl” was in fact a man posing as a woman.

“Catfish” is the term that refers to creating a fake online profile and engaging in relationships based on that false identity. MTV has an incredibly popular show by that name created by the guy who coined the phrase and his brother: Nev and Ariel Schulman. Enter author and former media personality, GeVonna who wrote a book that chronicled her experience of creating an online alter ego-esque profile to see just how faithful the guys were that she was interested in on dating sites. In Busted: Cyberstyle: An Undercover approach to Online Dating she explains how and why she catfished.

Written for entertainment purposes only, GeVonna wrote the book to help women make wise choices when meeting men online and on social media. Though she utilized some of the tactics of the typical “catfisher,” such as creating a false identity (with no picture), it was for a purpose that ultimately protected her. Busted: Cyberstyle: An Undercover Approach to Online Dating includes the signs, clues, and hints to look for when getting to know someone online. With her tips, women (and men) won’t miss the signs that Manti Te’o clearly did.

Crowned the “Internet Dating Diva,” GeVonna talked further about how she hopes good will come out of the Manti Te’o debacle. “Still take your time in getting to know that person, but be weary if they keep prolonging the in-person meeting,” she said.

With ten years of online dating experience, GeVonna, certainly is an authority on the subject. Her book has received rave reviews and has a dedicated following. One reviewer stated, “I felt a certain kinship to GeVonna as a result, since I myself have dabbled in the online dating world as well. It is important to remember that though we would love sometimes to lead our lives with our hearts, we must use our heads.”

GeVonna’s background in radio and television broadcasting includes news and sports reporting, anchoring, on-air personality and hosting a live TV talk show. She has interviewed celebrities such as Michael Jordan, Michael Irvin, legendary comedian Flip Wilson, politicians and other personalities.

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Savon Bronson
Chicago, IL