A Mesmerizing Holiday Destination in Asia

Planning on spending your holiday in a tropical country? Indonesia can be one of your best pick for holiday destination in Asia.


Batam, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/30/2012 -- Planning on spending your holiday in a tropical country? Well, Indonesia can be one of your best pick for holiday destination in Asia. A tropical country with thousands of islands (about 17,000 or so) that lies along equatorial line, Indonesia is one-of-a-kind package that owns both mind-blowingly exotic, beautiful nature and vibrant culture for you to taste. Indonesia has lots of attractive touristic sites spread over 32 Provinces from the west to the eastern edge. Explore the splendor beauty this country to satisfy your adventure blood and in the same time, enjoy the relaxing tropical air and culture, full of charming smile and warm hospitality of Indonesian locals, the truly gems of the South East Asia.

Tropical holiday

As an archipelago country, Indonesia has numerous wonderful beaches. Bali's and Lombok's, for examples, are definitely famous worldwide. In fact, Indonesia has more 'virgin' beaches more than the commercial ones. The beaches are one of the reasons why this tropical country becomes great holidays destination in Asia. If you want to reveal more than both beautiful famous beaches, you can visit several areas in Indonesia like Batam Island and Bangka Belitung. Located near Singapore, Batam Island has been the popular touristic site for the past decade. Similar to Bali and Lombok, Batam also offers fantastic beaches and comfortable accommodation for tourists. Bangka Belitung is slightly different from Batam Island in term of the availability of comfortable accommodation. However, this island is the best site if you want to see how a virgin beach looks like. Beautiful white coral beaches and blue ocean views, nearly untouched by human construction and pollution, Bangka Belitung Island can be your unforgettable tropical holiday.

Adventurous holiday

For some people, holiday doesn't always mean to indulge you in comfort. Adventure is the essential part of your holiday for some people. For those who love adventure, Indonesia offers you challenging tropical rain forest. Borneo Island is a well-known area for such tourism. Its fame is not only because of its challenging tourism, but also its numbers of rivers that form the local culture of Borneo Island. The Island also has been a living research area for scientists all over the world. Another recommended area offers such tourism is Sumatera Province. For you who are seeking for challenging mountain climbing, there are many recommended areas like Lombok Island and Malang City. Lombok has fantastic Rinjani Mountain and Malang has mind-blowing Bromo Mountain. Both are well-known by climbers all over the world. If you plan on hiking and you are not professional climbers, it is suggested to hire tourist guides, the locals which familiars with the mountain area so you won't get lost. They typically are also professional mountaineers with certain specialized ability and survival knowledge.

Cultural and spiritual holiday

Indonesia has been a popular spiritual and cultural holiday destination in Asia. This country has numbers of ancient Buddha and Hindu monuments (monument means 'Candi' in Bahasa) spread all over areas in the country. Borobudur is the popular visited Buddha monument. Located in Magelang City, Java, this magnificent monument is labeled one of 7 World's Wonder for years long. Another ancient monument is Candi Prambanan. It is a Hindu monument which also located in Mid Java. There are many more ancient monuments in Indonesia. Each of these ancient wonders structure tells its own history and myth carved on its stoned-walled building. Many visitors come to these monuments for praying or just for sightseeing. Feel the mystical vibrant of Indonesia ancient culture as you view the mighty man-made structure that represent the traditional civilization of Indonesia.

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