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A Midnight Song: Family Tradition Inspires Enchanting Tale of Whales, Magic and the Mysteries of the Natural World

Written by C.L. Peck and brilliantly illustrated by Mary Petersen, this children’s book is an exploration of marine life, a loving examination of another culture, and a truly beautiful tale of a young boy who finds his life altered by a chance visit to a fishing village. Entertaining, educational and above all, illuminating, ‘A Midnight Song’ is winning praise from literary insiders around the globe.


Lompoc, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2014 -- When author C.L. Peck was a child, her mother would read her longer stories over a period of several days. Bedtime became a magical moment, with Peck and her mother exploring new worlds and peeking into the lives and cultures of people across the globe. It was a tradition that Peck brought with her to her career in education, with her own children, and now with her new book, ‘A Midnight Song’.

Already honored by countless literature festivals in the United States and the prestigious London Book Festival, ‘A Midnight Song’ is attracting attention from young readers who adore the intricate and absorbing story set on the southern coast of Africa.

Telling the story of ten-year-old Sam and his parents’ time in a small fishing village outside of Cape Town, ‘A Midnight Song’ introduces children to the vividly imagined characters of Baruti, a wise fisherman, Baruti’s niece Kiki and the mother goddess of the ocean, Yemaya. When Sam learns of the tradition of the ‘whale criers’ and their kelp horns, the beauty and the majesty of the songs, the whales and the water change his life forever.


A rare and unique book, "A Midnight Song" is a wonderful tale for mothers to read to their children, yet its timeless story will continue to grab the attention of older readers. It's a story that will grow with your child and sure to be a family favorite.

C.L. Peck is a mother of two children who encouraged her love of storytelling. As a preschool teacher, she came to appreciate how significant and life changing the act of reading can be for a child. The author has incorporated a family tradition of reading longer stories over a period of time; naptime presented the traditional bedtime scenario. This method piqued the children's interest and developed patience and memory retention ... and the children loved it! Now the author wishes to share her tradition and story with you.

Teachers and parents will be pleased to know of C.L. Peck’s respect for children and their innate intelligence.

“I purposely did not dumb down the language in ‘A Midnight Song’,” says the author. “It discredits children and assumes they cannot learn how to speak properly or use advanced language. The book is a fantastic way of introducing kids to new words, and sharpening their memories. Since it’s a longer story, parents and teachers can ask questions before beginning reading to trigger memories and bring back the emotions children may have felt while reading the story.”

Since its release, among its other honors, ‘A Midnight Song’ has earned a five star rating on Amazon and glowing reviews from critics and readers alike.

“A beautiful story filled with magic and wonder. The bright, cheerful illustrations complement the story perfectly and will appeal to any child,” from Kimberly Baltz, author of ‘Frieda Tails Volume 1: Frieda Goes to Town & Frieda, Jack and the Box.’

Calling it “our favorite new book!” ‘jakiesmommy’ wrote: “This story … truly opens up a child's mind and allows him/her an opportunity to look at the world through the eyes of another. Bottom Line: This story will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and your kids will not want you to put it down. I am going to buy this book as a Christmas gift for all the little people on my list. You will not be disappointed!”

“A Midnight Song by C.L. Peck is a children's book that will be passed on through generations of mothers and fathers reading bedtime stories to their children. The author's plot allows for readers, young and old alike, to imagine experiencing a whole different lifestyle outside of their own. Very well done,” from Michelle Robertson, Readers' Favorite.

For more information about C.L. Peck and ‘A Midnight Song’, visit the author’s official website: http://www.clpeckbooks.com/

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‘A Midnight Song’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1hV9n9k

About C. L. Peck
C. L. Peck has spent her life creating stories for herself, her children, and her students. She is passionate about the need for parents to read to their children. Her book, "A Midnight Song" has already received an Honorable Mention with the London Book Festival, and a 5 Star Review with Readers' Favorite. When reading this story she suggests that the reader imagine the actor, Morgan Freeman, as the character, Baruti.

She is currently working on a young adult novel that she has been researching and dabbling with since 2008.When she isn't writing, Peck spends a lot of her time painting/restoring old furniture. The author lives in Santa Barbara County with her husband and editor, Tony Peck. The two of them have been friends since high school. Her children, Casey and Alissa, are now grown and both attending universities in the United States.