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A Murder in Our Midst: Compelling Murder Mystery Questions Myths Surrounding Racial Division.

The gripping novel by California’s Billy Turner tells the tale of enduring friendship and sudden upheaval between two high-class men. Will murder shatter their once unbreakable bond?


Lancaster, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2012 -- The traditional murder mystery has been a timeless classic among literary fans around the world. However, a recently released novel by Billy Turner fuses the world of fiction with the real-life debates of race, class and money.

‘A Murder in our Midst’ proves that murder can sever even the strongest of ties.


Theirs was a friendship-a viable friendship-that transcended race, culture, and economic backgrounds. It was forged during the most contentious period in American history... a friendship that could be shattered by one thing, one thing only-MURDER! According to Midwest Book Review, A Murder In Our Midst is a dark and convoluted murder mystery.

Two friends once shared a bond that went beyond the harsh divisions of race, class, money, and historical upheaval - only murder most foul could bring their friendship to an end! In the wake of the crime lies the fate of a multinational corporation heavily tied to the national defense industry.

Sir Robert Winchell investigates the death of the corporate empire's patron, formerly a close friend, and finds disturbing clues that belie the twin seductions money and power.

As the author explains, his novel touches on numerous real-world issues.

“It debunks the highly perpetrated myth that the races are at each others' throats. A Murder in Our Midst profiles the enduring friendship between Raymond and Winchell. Sir Robert Winchell, must choose between seeking justice for an old friend and turning against a family he’s known for years,” says Turner.

He continues, “Therefore, it will keep the reader guessing to the very last page, and is an excellent pick for fans of the Murder Mystery genre.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of five-star reviews.

“The characters are finely drawn and I particularly liked how the two main characters develop a working relationship. Their unlikely partnership unfolds in an unexpected, yet satisfying manner that underscores the subtle, but thoughtful social themes woven by the author,” says Bob, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Another reader, S. Hyman, was equally as impressed. They said that, “If you’re looking for a fast paced, keep you guessing, murder mystery this is for you. The author kept the story moving like an episode of "24" with twists and turns. We are swept along for a ride through bizarre encounters and blossoming friendships in the name of honor integrity and a little mayhem, all tied up neatly in the end.”

Having seen so much success, recent rumors suggest that Turner has a second installment currently in the works. However, with no official word as of yet, fans will have to wait with baited breath for any future announcement on Sir Robert and Detective Dennis’ next adventure.

In the meantime, ‘A Murder in our Midst’ can be purchased from Amazon: http://amzn.to/VTMKHY

About William Turner
William Turner spent his formative years in New England. He was educated in the private, parochial school system, and is presently retired from State service (State of California), as a supervisor. He has one son (Ontonio), and three grandchildren. His grandson is serving in the United States Air Force. His daughter-in-law, Bridgette, is a practicing pediatrician.

William had aspired--so long ago--to be a priest, but felt at the time he had not been exposed enough to life to walk away and close the monastery door. His subsequent exposure to life sullied him beyond any aspiration to the priesthood. William now lives in Lancaster, California, spending much of his time doing penance, reflecting on his countless errors in judgment. William's penchant for writing mysteries stems from his exposure to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories and those of Agatha Christe. His mentor was Sister Agnes Bernard--his high school English teacher.