A Must-Have Toy Storage Box After Any Children's Party


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2017 -- Ever planned a party for the kids where everyone had a good time, tiredness starts to kick in, they leave and then it is time to organize the house, and no one wants to do it because there's a mess everywhere and there are no toy storage boxes?

This is an "after-party" easy task, really! Then why does it take so long to get it done? The answer is: because it is boring, it's not fun at all.

This is the reason why most parents should have the New Katabird Toy Storage as an organizational assistant. The New Katabird Toy Storage Box makes the tidying up process fun, fast and easy; putting all those toys away is a breez, because children will actually want to do it themselves.

The New Katabird Toy Storage Box comes in a hippo face form. It also has:

- Two side handles

- A lightweight sealabale lid with two hippo ears. This is part of the fun; children love to grab the hippo ears to open and seal the toy box

- Collapsible design, so it can be assembled in less than 5 seconds

- Perfect size to store in multiple places around the house

- Safe design so toddlers don't climb on it.

This toy box is so efficient in storing crayons, stuffed animals, books, clothes or any children accessories because the fabric is made of the best quality material so it doesn't lose its shape without a good fight.

Here's what these toy boxes look like: https://www.amazon.com/Katabird-Storage-Bin-Toy-Collapsible/dp/B075WPP2W6

The Katabird Toy Storage Box comes in three different colors allowing children to play and decide what type of toys can be stored in each box. For example: the light blue toy box for dolls, the gray one for clothes and the orange one for cars and trucks.

These organizers will make any place look more spacious. Parents can stop wasting time looking for things as well. Boys and girls will love to use these boxes themselves allowing parents to feel more relaxed.

All these after-party clean up benefits are possible due to the entertainment and space saving solutions the Katabird Toy Storage Box offers with its noticeable design. Having a Katabird Toy Storage Box in the house is a must-have for all adults with kids.

These toy boxes also come with a 100% satisfaction money back warranty and a couple of special unannounced free gifts. Owning a Katabird Toy Storage Box make kids and parents lives much easier and enjoyable around the house.

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