A Must Read Online Payday Loan Guide Has Just Been Published


Cherry Hill, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2013 -- Two thirds of the people in the United States of America live paycheck to paycheck, according to Reuters who reported on an American Payroll Association study. With these numbers in mind, has recently made available their guide to payday loan services.

Payday loan services are nothing new, though in many states, they may not be available due to local laws and regulations restricting their operation practices. LoansInfoOnline has collected information in one location to help consumers to make an informed decision on whether to use, or not to use, a payday loan service.

Educating the customer is a necessity, particularly when payday loans are involved. There are interest rates to be conscious of, local laws that consumers will want to be aware of prior to contacting a payday loan service and then there are many such services to research. LoansInfoOnline has gone through these steps and more with their recently launched guide on payday loans online.

Consumers can learn exactly what a payday loan is, why and how it can become more than expected in a short period of time and what to do if a consumer is overwhelmed with debt on the LoansInfoOnline page. Knowing what to bring with you when visiting a payday loan service and your rights, depending on your state, is just the first step.

LoansInfoOnline has not only collected general information and collated it into an easy to read guide on payday loan services, they also have several specific services listed to get consumers started. The information collected on each payday loan service includes, in most cases, the states in which they service, maximum loan amounts and types of services offered (some offer lines of credit, installment loans and short term loans).

In today’s economy, it is natural to need to more money now. By using LoanInfoOnline’s guide, consumers can make an informed decision when that unavoidable financial crisis arises unexpectedly.

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Marcus L. Ward