A New Age Alternative to Costly Face Rejuvenation Procedures Offered by Spiritus Healing Arts


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2013 -- With an incredibly high level of experience of more than twenty five years in Expert Energy Healing Massage Therapy Treatments, Scott Truel has struck again with the launch of his effective and reliable technique of new age Energy Healing Facial Skin Rejuvenation that serves as a best and healthy alternative to traditional and costly face revitalization procedures including various cosmetic surgeries, at his salon Spiritus Healing Arts in California.

Scott’s recent launch of Facial Rejuvenation in San Diego has attracted many people across the state because of his years of experience and highly satisfying services. He is a San Diego licensed Holistic Health Practitioner and a California licensed esthetician. He has dealt with thousands of people in his entire career providing them with expert skin care therapies including facials and other body treatments.

A customer shares his experience with Scott as,

“This guy is totally awesome. I've had really bad neck pain for months now. My neck is feeling a lot better and I expect it to be resolved soon. I also get the facial he offers for skin rejuvenation. I can see the difference myself and I feel so much better about dating.” - JCROSS4

His latest San Diego facial technique primarily aims to go all the way down to the energetic level thus treating a person’s astral and physical body. During treatment, the result of ravages and stresses in a person’s life begin to resolve giving the face a refreshed, invigorative and youthful glow that comes directly from the inner spirit. In addition, Scott also reveals psychic impressions that he gets while performing the facial and he clears out bad Karma from past lives while encouraging healing from the chakras. Moreover, he further advises clients on their tissue issues that are typically the prime cause of various head, neck and shoulder pains.

“Scott Truel’s Facial Rejuvenation treatments have been a consistently remarkable transformative experience for me.” says K. Van Buskirk, a Graphic designer.

Scott’s unique San Diego facial yields many commendable and worthy results for his clients. His treatments increase muscle tone and flexibility of the face, neck, and shoulder muscles previously strained by stress. Skin cells are fed and nourished with a fresh, lively flow of oxygen, blood and lymph. Moreover, the nerve pathways open throughout the head, face and neck thus enhancing a free flow of vitality everywhere.

A customer Diane J. from San Diego, CA writes,

“I have experienced Scott's wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating holistic facials. Scott is a very experienced massage therapist who has mastered facial massages. My entire body felt totally relaxed after the one hour session. I really enjoyed that he used essential oils and natural moisturizers. My face's skin felt fresh, plump and firm. I would highly recommend Spiritus healing Arts.”

In addition, Scott’s Spiritus Healing Arts also provides intuitive services on energy healing, therapeutic massage, tarot readings and past lives clearing.

For more information on Spiritus Healing Arts, interested folks are advised to visit the official website.

About Spiritus Healing Arts
Spiritus Healing Arts is owned by Scott Truel. Scott received his certification in Therapeutic Massage in 1985 and in Burnham Systems Facial Rejuvenation the following year. He went on to further his training by attending the Center of Light Training for Healers from 1987 to 1989. Scott is also available during the evening and on weekends by appointment.

Scott Truel
San Diego, California 92108
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