A New and Better Alternative Than Self Hypnosis Directly Access the Power of Your Mind

MindMaster unlocks the keys to success by allowing users direct access to the subconscious mind. The program uses personalized subliminal messages and is a better alternative than self hypnosis.


Vacaville, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2012 -- Many people struggle to achieve their goals and so they seek out tools to assist in the process. Some may resort to hypnosis and even self hypnosis. While through these methods, there is a small percentage of success, many are left wondering did the process even have a minor effect on their lives. The problem with hypnosis is the user must follow verbal conscious instructions, leaving them to also overcome the doubts that are ingrained in the conscious mind. As well, especially with self hypnosis, there are many obstacles if one does not take the proper precautions. The mind is so incredibly powerful and can easily make or break our success in life. It is these doubts that can block our success and lead us directly into failure. MindMaster was created specifically to overcome these hindrances of the mind.

MindMaster makes use of subliminal messages to reach the subconscious without use of the conscious mind. This innovative technique has a myriad of advantages and is proven effective by studies at the University College in London, as well as other major universities. MindMaster is a very powerful tool to create change in habits, behaviors, ingrained beliefs, life conditioning, thought processes, and more. Targeted visuals used by MindMaster greatly enhance the effectiveness of this powerful self-improvement tool.

“Being a psychiatrist for the past 16 years, I have to say that MindMaster is a real breakthrough in the area of personal development.” says Dr. Gary Casaccio.

Scientists and psychologists have long known that using the subconscious mind is the most effective in creating change and achieving personal developments. Hypnosis is not the only method of reaching the subconscious, as well it takes much longer to achieve targeted goals than with MindMaster, since MindMaster connects directly to the subconscious without any need for interaction with the conscious mind. Rather than spending hours listening to subliminal tapes and other self-help programs, MindMaster taps into the subconscious mind, rapidly injecting up to 3600 positive affirmations and visuals per hour, all while the user is working or playing on the computer.

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