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A New and Interesting Way to Discover Bargain Properties

Robert Boog, author of Selling Homes 1-2-3 and Real Estate Sales from Hell has come out with an instructional video sales course that shows how to locate bargain real estate properties.


Santa Clarita, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/28/2014 -- The course is titled Finding Killer Real Estate Deals and contains ten videos, eight worksheets, sample contracts, deeds and even includes a software tool that helps analyze individual deals. The online course takes about 1.5 hour to complete and is geared towards real estate agents, investors and unlicensed individuals who either want to find a bargain home or just find the study of real estate interesting.

The author was encouraged to develop the program after helping a frustrated first-time real estate investor find a cheap home in February 2014. The investor was able to land the bargain property for $365,500 that he renovated for $8,000. The investor then resold the house in May 2014 for $435,000.

The author suggests that there are three myths for finding bargain properties that often hinder first-time investors.

Myth #1: To locate a bargain a buyer must to find a “motivated” seller. Not true! claims Boog. He mentions in the finding killer real estate deals video course that many investors purchase homes from “unmotivated” sellers who are often easier to deal with – and possibly just as profitable.

Myth #2: A house hunter must always drive a hard bargain. Again, not true! The author claims that bargain hunters will most likely catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. True, the deal may not be as spectacular, but the odds of finding another deal increases with one’s reputation of dealing fairly with distressed homeowners in one’s community.

Myth #3: The easiest way to find a bargain home is to locate an owner with plenty of equity, and make a low-ball offer. Boog claims that taking unconscionable advantage of the elderly, family members and the mentally infirm is both morally wrong and reprehensible. He claims that following the Golden Rule one will find bargain properties plus be able to face oneself in the mirror.

Most Americans have seen at least one TV show that involves bargain property renovation, and oftentimes video programs tend to stray from the topic. Many real estate gurus, for example, skim over the topic of finding the home and instead concentrate on the costs of repairs, problems with kitchen and bathroom renovations or staging the open house. Other gurus simply talk about the money that can be made from buying and selling residential property. Most people, however, believe that if they could just locate a bargain property in their town or city that they could fix it up themselves.

If interested, for a limited time, people who would like to view the first Lesson of his course, Finding Killer Real Estate Deals by Robert Boog can enjoy it for FREE by visiting this website:

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Robert Boog is the author of "Selling Outside the Square: Creative Ideas to Help You Make More Sales" which is published by THS International Publishing Company. Boog has written three books on real estate which are all available on Amazon, and two video sales courses, Selling Outside the Square and Making Money available at , Finding Killer Real Estate Deals. and Robert lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and two sons.

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