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A New App Datissimo Gives You the Option of You Converting Your Excel Sheets Into a Full Database

With Datissimo, people can convert their excel sheets into a complete database, the project started by Indiegogo is currently looking for backers for this project


Barcelona, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2014 -- Indiegogo has come up with a new project which is mainly focusing on getting backers for an app, Datissimo. This app, has been designed to help convert excel worksheets into databases that can be interpreted. People have been using excel to organize data, and make smaller databases that they can store and share. This app works on the shortcomings of excel workbook, and thus converts it to a format that is completely interpretable as well reproducible.

According to the manufactures, these are the advantages that Datissimo will have:

- Help convert a whole excel workbook, into a database that is complete with associated formulas and equations.

- It will allow you to view the data whenever you want as well as search it, in search lists. This feature is not available in excel. In addition, users can always convert the file back to excel without fearing the loss of data in the process.

- Users are not obliged to keep all the data in row form; they can use the pattern of their choice.

- Users can use this app anywhere be it on your desktop, laptop, tablets or even smart phones.

- Everything is done automatically in Datissimo, there is no need for the user to align data, put margins, or format text. It is simple to use and will be designed in a way that makes it intuitive and fast.

- Backers are required to help the manufactures and app designers to buy licenses and cover costs. These backers will also contribute money to help generate more workforce and the funds will help in covering the mobile development part.

To know more about Datissimo, and how to be a backer, visit them here.

The project, which has been launched at Indiegogo, is in need for backers. Backers are required to fund the launch of the app, as well as push it through the last stages. The app Datissimo has been conceptualized to be developed in various editions and variants. As backers, people would also avail discounts correlating to their backing amount on the purchase of the product.

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