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A New Book for Egg Production with Urban Chickens Is Released


Bellevue, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- Amber Richards has released the new book titled Egg Production with Urban Chickens: How to Raise Chickens in Your Backyard. The topic of raising chickens in the backyard becomes very popular recently, as more and more people today prefer to be engaged in this practical and useful hobby that is a perfect way to get organic eggs for themselves and even to sell them for income.

The new technologies and advanced techniques made the production of all kind of foods easier and cheaper for the majority of people worldwide. However, the quality of the food these days is not the same, as it was 50 year ago when the products were derived naturally without so many additives, chemicals, colors, preservatives and other artificial ingredients added to them. People long to return back in those days when there were no technologies, but the taste of food was real.

Amber Richards,the author of the book Egg Production with Urban Chickens: How to Raise Chickens in Your Backyard, has mentioned all these problems that make people want to raise and take care of chickens in their backyards, even in the towns and cities, in order to get organic eggs. This project does not sound so strange for the majority of people anymore, due to the multiple benefits it provides. Some of the advantages of raising urban chickens are:

- People can enjoy organic eggs in the cities all the year round if the chickens are properly cared for.
- Many people, who live in the cities, would like to be close to the nature, and raising chickens in their backyard turns into their favorite hobby.
- People, who raise chicken, save money from buying eggs and even can earn money from their selling, as the price of organic eggs is higher and they are highly preferred by the customers these days.
- Raising chickens in the backyard is a great way to teach children to take care of the animals, helping them to learn valuable lessons and take care of them. This will make them more responsible and hard-working.

In addition, the book provides customers with information about the different breeds of chicken and their pros and cons. The readers will learn how to take a proper care of the chickens, eggs and their reproduction, what is their food, which of them lay eggs with a good layer, etc.

Raising chickens for eggs can be a real challenge in urban centers and cities, but the book Production with Urban Chickens: How to Raise Chickens will help people overcome all the problems they initially might have and to enjoy their hobby along with all the great benefits it provides.

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