A New Book Has Been Launched That Aims to Help the 40 Something Man Have a Better Fulfilling Life

A new book titled The New Rules for the New 40 Something Man is set to help men in the 40s lead a more positive lifestyle and achieve the goals they want to achieve.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- Charlton Brown is an author of a new exciting book titled The New Rules for the New 40 Something Man. The book has been written with the goal to provide new motivation for health, happiness and wealth to men in their 40s. The author offers a well-organized report with multiple motivational strategies and tips that provide readers with the right tools for helping them make a real positive change in their lives.

In the USA alone, there are at least 30 million 40 something men and most parts of them, feel broken, unhealthy, and unhappy. Many of them cut down their success by practicing vicious habits while others feel too weak and unconfident to accomplish their life goals, hardly using 5% of their energy and potential.

Charlton Brown made the goal of helping 40 something men his life mission. Happiness, wealth, and health are possible for all of these men, if they start following the principles described in this book.

The book will teach men how to start an adventurous new life, full of activity, passion and prosperity every single day for years to come. It will also teach them how to build great relationships with people of different circles and build financial freedom they need to feel independent and happy. The author will show people how to combine their meaningful work with enough playtimes, and how to make the most of their energy and time to stimulate the body and mind and develop new talents and skills.

The world is full of challenges, so instead of avoiding them; people will learn how to accept them, adapting themselves easier to the unexpected. Most of all, they will learn to know and trust themselves, customizing their life according to their goals and ambitions.

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About Charlton Brown
Charlton Brown is a passionate researcher and writer, who have devoted his strength to help people around the globe to use their full potential regardless of their age. His new book is a valuable report, written with the goal to provoke life changes and make people's life happier and more successful than ever before.